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Goodwin and Norris Earn All-District Awards for K-P/RV

The coaches of Class A District 8 have announced their All-District teams and awards following the conclusion of the 2023 football season. Honorees from Kingsley-Pierson/River Valley are in bold among the rest below.

Special Awards:

Coach of the Year: Dean Norris (Kingsley-Pierson/River Valley)
Asst. Coach of the Year:
Ryan Kluender (Woodbury Central)
Asst. Coach of the Year: Jeff Kuhl (Logan-Magnolia)
Offensive Player of the Year: Drew Kluender (Woodbury Central)
Defensive Player of the Year: Beau Goodwin (Kingsley-Pierson/River Valley
Special Teams Player of the Year: Jayden Lloyd (Woodbury Central)
Lineman of the Year: Grant Brix (Logan-Magnolia)

First Team All-District:

Drew Kluender (Quarterback) (Woodbury Central)
Eric McGill (Wide Receiver) (Woodbury Central)
Zack Butler (Running Back) (Woodbury Central)
Brady Tschirren (Offensive Lineman) (Woodbury Central)
Jackson Reblitz (Offensive Lineman) (Woodbury Central)
Colby Gilbert (Linebacker) (Woodbury Central)
Sam Monk (Defensive Back) (Woodbury Central)
Evan Roden (Running Back) (Logan-Magnolia)
Rex Meeker (Linebacker) (Logan-Magnolia)
Grant Brix (Offensive Lineman) (Logan-Magnolia)
Carson Edney (Defensive End) (Logan-Magnolia)
Daltyn Pitt (Offensive Lineman) (Logan-Magnolia)
Jack Straight (Offensive Lineman) (Logan-Magnolia)
Beau Goodwin (Linebacker) (Kingsley-Pierson/River Valley)
Kevin Wright (Wide Receiver) (Kingsley-Pierson/River Valley)
Kaden Kraft (Offensive Lineman) (Kingsley-Pierson/River Valley)
Cole Thomas (Tight End) (Kingsley-Pierson/River Valley)
Preston Benson (Offensive Lineman) (Kingsley-Pierson/River Valley)
Isacc Wohlhuter (Quarterback) (Tri-Center)
Carter Kunze (Running Back) (Tri-Center)
Zach Nelson (Wide Receiver) (Tri-Center)
Athan Chessmore (Offensive Guard) (Tri-Center)
Devin LaBrune (Defensive Lineman) (Westwood)
Aiden McDonald (Linebacker) (Westwood)
Tyler Sulsberger (Offensive Lineman) (Westwood)
Cole Hobbs (Linebacker) (St. Albert)
Parker Heisterkamp (Wide Receiver) (St. Albert)
Parker Zima (Utility) (West Monona)

Second Team All-District:

Logan Jensen (Defensive Tackle) (Woodbury Central)
Jayden Lloy (Wide Receiver) (Woodbury Central)
Jacob King (Wide Receiver) (Woodbury Central)
Jed Lake (Linebacker) (Logan-Magnolia)
Calvin Collins (Running Back) (Logan-Magnolia)
Jace Straight (Offensive Lineman) (Logan-Magnolia)
Tyler Koch (Wide Receiver) (Kingsley-Pierson/River Valley)
Brady Collins (Running Back) (Kingsley-Pierson/River Valley)
Nathan Murray (Offensive Lineman) (Kingsley-Pierson/River Valley)
Brenton Barry (Linebacker) (Tri-Center)
Tristin Gunderson (Linebacker) (Tri-Center)
Cael Witt (Utility) (Tri-Center)
Carson Topf (Wide Receiver) (Westwood)
Frank Lewis (Defensive Back) (Westwood)
Tatum Cooper (Running Back) (Westwood)
Tony Busch (Tight End) (St. Albert)
Kyle Irwin (Running Back) (St. Albert)
Brandon McCall (Offensive Lineman) (St. Albert)
Elias Sorensen (Running Back) (West Monona)
Laken Bellis (Linebacker) (West Monona)
Jack Edmonds (Offensive Lineman) (West Monona)