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KLEM News for Tuesday, January 23


The Plymouth County Board of Supervisors deferred action on a permit to connect one water tower to a proposed new one. Southern Sioux Rural Water sought a permit to extend line from an existing water tower 1.5 miles southwest of Craig, to the site of a proposed second water tower. The sites are north and south of 120th Street, a gravel road near Craig. The new tower would have a capacity of 750-thousand gallons of storage space. Supervisors balked at the request, saying there some zoning issues that are not addressed. They deferred action until after the county Zoning Board and Board of Adjustment review the application.


Iowa Third District Representative Tom Jeneary of Le Mars has filed a bill that would allow ATV access in state parks.


The bill would require a permit to use these vehicles.

Jeneary is also writing a bill which would allow OHVs into parks for emergency response.


Jeneary chairs the House Natural Resources Committee.



A bill that’s cleared a Senate subcommittee would require Iowa schools to create expense accounts to help teachers pay for classroom supplies. Senator Kerry Gruenhagen, a Republican from Walcott, is the bill’s sponsor.

Under the bill, new teachers would get 500 dollars their first year and all other teachers would get 200 dollars a year. The program would cost eight million dollars statewide for the next academic year and schools would have to shift money from their general budget to cover the expense accounts. Melissa Peterson, a lobbyist for the Iowa State Education Association, says the teachers’ union isn’t registered in opposition to the bill, but is concerned there’s no new state funding for the program.

Margaret Buckton, a lobbyist for Rural School Advocates of Iowa and the Urban Educators Network, says not all classroom needs are equal.

Senator Lynn Evans, a Republican from Aurelia who’s a retired superintendent, agreed to advance the bill, but he says it needs work.

Senator Sarah Trone-Garriot, a Democrat from West Des Moines, notes the bill calls for any money teachers don’t spend on classroom supplies to be redirected to raises for all teachers in the district.

According to a national non-profit that helps raise money for classroom supplies, teachers spent an average of 860 dollars of their own money on supplies for this current school year.



In Sioux City The 185th Air Refueling Wing in Sioux City had a big job to keep the runways clear for 24-hour operations. Master Sergeant Brett Robinson says they need to be sure the K-C-135 tankers can get out. he says they can’t pile snow up on the sides because of the wing tip clearance need. Robinson says they have to get the snow as far away as possible because we there could be more snow and they then start running into issues with snow piling up on the edges. The Air Guard does have some two million dollars worth of snow-moving equipment that includes blowers, brooms and plows.



Iowa’s governor and attorney general say nothing is more important than the pro-life cause. Governor Kim Reynolds signed bills in 2018 and again last summer to ban nearly all abortions after the sixth week of a pregnancy, but the Iowa Supreme Court is reviewing a legal challenge to the law, which would ban nearly all abortions in Iowa. During a rally at the Iowa Capitol today (Monday), Reynolds said she will never back down from protecting the innocent and unborn. Iowa Attorney General Brenna Bird, who also spoke at the event, said all life has value and must be protected. Iowa Democratic Party chair Rita Hart says the U-S Supreme Court’s decision that overturned Roe v Wade is a stark reminder of just how important it is to vote in every election.