2 Plymouth County Schools Celebrate Catholic Schools Week

Gehlen Catholic High School

It’s officially Catholic Schools Week around the area, and Gehlen Catholic Schools and Remsen St. Mary’s Schools are kicking off festivities for this week.

During Catholic Schools Week, each day has an important theme that the schools celebrate. For Gehlen Catholic, Monday is for celebrating faith, parishes, and vocations, Tuesday is for celebrating faculty and staff, Wednesday is for celebrating communities and nation, Thursday is for celebrating families, Friday is for celebrating students, and Saturday is for celebrating the unification.

Amy Jungers, Gehlen Catholic Schools Development Director, says that Thursday is one of the most favorite days among students.



Jungers explains the goal behind participating in Catholic Schools Week.



She says that students and staff are excited and that they look forward to getting involved with the community.



Monday the 29th – Celebrating Faith, Parishes, and Vocations

– Holy Moments Kick-Off

– 8:35 AM: All school prayer, Pledge, Living Rosary (Deb Campbell Memorial Gym)

– Seminarian Outreach by elementary students

Tuesday the 30th – Celebrating Faculty and Staff

– Breakfast treats, lunch, and casual dress for faculty and staff

Wednesday the 31st – Celebrating Communities and Nations

– Then Feed Just One Kickoff

– 12:00 PM: Peter and Catherine Gehlen Society Luncheon (Library)

– Ronald McDonald Bag Decorating

Thursday the 1st – Celebrating Families

– First Then Feed Just One Thursday Coin Collection

– Bishop R. Walker Nickless Visits School

– Holy Moments Book Distribution at Picnic

– 12:00 – 12:45 PM: Annual Family Picnic (Cook’s day off) (Both gyms and cafeteria)

– 12:10 PM: Group lunch prayer

Friday the 2nd – Celebrating Students

– 8:45 AM: All School Mass and First Friday Adoration (St. Joseph Catholic Church)

– 10:45 AM – 12:00 PM: Dads and Dining (TK-6) (Rose Mary Deegan Cafeteria)

– FREE comfy day, games and activities for students

Saturday the 3rd – Celebrating the Unification

– Spalding Catholic Gala (Contact Deacon Dan Goebel)

Remsen St. Mary’s Schools Catholic Schools Week theme is “Catholic School: United in Faith and Community.” Their daily themes are Monday for celebrating community and nation, Tuesday is for celebrating faith and vocations, Wednesday is for celebrating families, Thursday is for celebrating students, and Friday is for celebrating faculty, staff, and volunteers.


Monday the 29th –  Celebrating community & Nation

– Dress in red, white and blue

– 8:30am – 9:30am Open house at both buildings

– 1:30-4pm Book Fair

Tuesday the 30th – Celebrating Faith & Vocations

– Dress up day

– 8:00am – 4:00pm book Fair

– 2:30pm Living Rosary

Wednesday the 31st – Celebrating Families

– 8:00am – 8:00pm Book Fair

– 2:00pm Mass for all grade

Thursday the 1st – Celebrating Students

– Casual day

– 1:00pm Movie in gym for 5th – 12th grade

– 1:00pm Movie at the grade school for Preschool – 4th grade

Friday the 2nd – Celebrating Faculty, Staff, & Volunteers

– Casual Day

– 8am – 1:00pm Book Fair

– 12pm All school picnic

– Early out after lunch – no buses