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Comedy Hits the Stage this Week at Le Mars Community Theatre

(Le Mars) –  The second show of the season is ready to go at The Postal Playhouse, and it’s opening to a sold out crowd Wednesday night.   The Le Mars Community Theatre presents “The Red Velvet Cake Wars,” a Jones Hope Wooten comedy, Wednesday, March 8th-Sunday the 12th.  The story focuses on three cousins who pick a terrible time to have a family reunion. A mini-van crashes into a double wide, there’s a missing husband and it’s the hottest time of year in Texas during tornado season, not to mention a neighbors pet going after all the baked goods!

(L-R: Donna Muilenburg, Renae Buss, Danna Schuster)

The cast for this show includes 12 familiar Le Mars Community Theatre faces who can’t wait to have an audience to laugh along with them:

Audrey Scholten
Jeff Neary
Danna Schuster
Renae Buss
Hilma Person
Donna Muilenburg
Ruth Alexander
Faith Laskie
Nathan Irwin
Mitchell Zenk
Kimberly Ross
Mel Masuen

“The Red Velvet Cake Wars” is under the direction of Margaret Britton with Curt Sitzmann serving as the producer.
Tickets are available online at www.lemarslive.org by clicking through to the “Buy Tickets” tab.  Wednesday and Thursday are sold out, with single seats available Friday and Sunday. Saturday’s matinee and evening performance can still accommodate larger groups.

(Danna Schuster & Mitchell Zenk)

Photos courtesy of Joe Ouradnik