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Tuesday Afternoon News, April 7


Supervisors Pass On Contributing Funds For Log Cabin Survival

(Le Mars) — The Plymouth County Board of Supervisors decided not to offer any financial assistance to the efforts of saving the Joy Hollow log cabin, although they did agree to offer some  in-kind services in which would help save the museum some money if the cabin is moved from the fair grounds to the museum grounds.  Judy Bowman, told the supervisors she was appearing before the county board as an interested person, and not as a museum official.  Supervisor Craig Anderson informed Bowman that although he personally would like to see the log cabin restored, and admitted he has offered a financial pledge, he did not believe it should be a tax payer funded project.


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Supervisor Mark Loutsch suggested the cabin instead of being moved to the museum, it should remain at the fairgrounds, but to utilize the collected and pledged funds to help restore the cabin.


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Bowman informed the county supervisors a fence would be needed to surround the cabin after the move, and until such time the cabin could be restored, in order to prevent people from doing damage to the cabin, or from getting injured.  In addition, Bowman indicated preliminary work at the museum grounds would be needed to secure the log cabin. Supervisor chairman Jim Henrich thought the county may be able to donate a safety fence for the museum, as well as provide a truck to assist with the removal of asphalt.



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