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Monday News, January 25

Early Morning Roll Over Accident

(Le Mars) — Slick and icy roads were responsible for a one-vehicle roll over accident that happened this morning at about 7:20 a.m.  The accident happened on Key Avenue in front of ICON Ag and Turf farm equipment dealership.  The Jeep SUV was heading southbound when apparently the vehicle hit a patch ice and lost control, and then headed into the west ditch and rolled over.  One person was transported to the Floyd Valley Healthcare by the Le Mars Ambulance.  The Le Mars Fire and Rescue Department, Le Mars Ambulance, Le Mars Police and the Plymouth County Sheriff’s Office all responded to the accident scene.  The Le Mars Police is investigating the accident.




Remsen St. Mary’s Students Stranded In Washington D.C.

(Chevy Chase, MD) — The eastern portion of the United States was hit hard by a weekend snow storm that dumped more than two feet of snow on cities such as Washington D.C. and New York.  As you would imagine, traffic, airports, and businesses have closed until such time the snow can be cleared.  A group of Remsen St. Mary’s students, chaperones and school officials are stranded in a suburban city of our nation’s capital due to the snow storm.  On Sunday, KLEM news visited with Pete Haefs, the principal for Remsen St. Mary’s school. He says 24 students, or about one-third of the high school, and eight chaperones are with him at the National 4-H Center located in Chevy Chase, Maryland, waiting for their chance to return home.  He describes how much snow has fallen on Washington D.C.

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The group from Remsen St. Mary’s are in our nation’s capital because they participated in the annual “March for Life” which was held on Friday.  The “March for Life” is held on the anniversary date of the Supreme Court’s decision of Roe vs. Wade when abortion was ruled to be legal. Haefs says the snow started to fall as the group was participating in the march.  He talks about what the students have been doing since being stranded.

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With nearly every store closed because of the snow storm, and trucks are unable to travel on the streets and highways, what has the group from Remsen St. Mary’s done about food?

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What has been the attitude of the stranded Remsen St. Mary’s students?

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The Remsen St. Mary’s principal talks about the reason the students were in Washington, and that was to participate in the “March for Life”.

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Despite being stranded by the snow storm, and many of the Washington D.C. tour sites have been forced to close due to the unusually heavy snow, Haefs says the group was able to visit some of the historical sites.

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Haefs anticipates roads will open soon, and the airport will again be operating.  He believes the group should be able to fly back to Iowa on Monday afternoon.




Le Mars School Board To Hold Retreat Monday Evening

(Le Mars) — The Le Mars Community Board of Education will hold its annual retreat this evening.  Several members of the faculty will share with the school board some of the innovative projects and activities that is happening at Le Mars Community.  During today’s retreat, the school board, among other things, will learn more about the new robotics club that has started.




Donald Trump Brings Campaign To Northwest Iowa

(Sioux Center) — More than 2000 people braved cold temperatures and slashing winds standing in line waiting to enter the B.J. Haan Auditorium at Dordt College in Sioux Center to hear Republican Presidential candidate and business tycoon Donald Trump.  Trump was 35 minutes late to the event, but he did speak to the crowd for nearly an hour and 15 minutes.  The confident, and often out-spoken candidate did not offer many, if any, specifics on what he would do when elected president of the United States.  Trump began by saying Christianity is under seize.

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Continuing with the theme that Christianity is under seize. Trump says that Christians don’t use the power that they have.

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Trump is critical of this nation’s government officials, and the way it conducts business deals, saying the nation can make great deals, instead of stupid deals, and he points to the recent Iranian deal as his example.

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Trump cited global warming agreements with the world as another example of how the United States has been weaken.

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The businessman says he would retain and create jobs in America, and he mentioned about how he has taken jobs back from China, Japan, and Mexico.  Trump also talked about how Nabisco is moving some of its operations from Chicago to Mexico, and the Ford Motor Company transferred a plant from Tennessee to Mexico.  Trump then proceeded to insult many of his opponents, as well as members of the media.  He especially took aim at Jeb Bush, the former Florida Governor, and brother to President George W. Bush and son of President George Herbert Bush. Trump says Bush is not very smart.  Trump also took aim at his closest rival Texas Senator Ted Cruz.  Trump says Cruz has problems, and he insists that Cruz is not eligible to be president of the United States.

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Broadband Companies Say Branstad’s Plan Is Not In Effect

DES MOINES, Iowa (AP) – Companies trying to expand high-speed Internet in Iowa say a key part of Governor Terry Branstad’s new broadband law is not formally in effect, and that could hinder their future projects in the state.
At the heart of the 2015 law is a 10-year property tax exemption for service providers who build new broadband infrastructure in limited areas. More than six months later, those companies are waiting for the Iowa Department of Revenue to write rules to apply for the exemption.
The law specifies an annual February 1st deadline for applications to be submitted, though there is some flexibility for seeking tax relief up to two years later.
Department spokeswoman Victoria Daniels says the agency hopes to provide a draft of the rules soon, but the process may take months.




Des Moines Police Investigate First Homicide Of The Year

DES MOINES, Iowa (AP) – Des Moines Police are investigating after finding a 71-year-old woman dead inside her home.
Police said officers were sent to check on the welfare of the woman around 4:30 a.m. Sunday when they found her dead. She was identified as Norma Jean McNeeley.
Police said the death is being treated as a homicide, but they released few details.