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Thursday Afternoon News, April 1st


Two People Apprehended Following Sioux City Bank Robbery

(Sioux City) — Two people were taken into custody and one has been charged following a bank robbery in downtown Sioux City Wednesday afternoon. Police say 35-year old Ronald Edwards of Sioux City entered Great Southern Bank at 4th and Pierce Streets at around 3:40 p.m., made threatening remarks to the
teller, and demanded money. He was given an undisclosed amount of cash, fled on foot, and was apprehended a short time later. Edwards has been charged with first degree robbery, and is in custody in the Woodbury County Jail. A second person questioned has not been charged at this time. No one was
injured during the bank robbery.




Sioux County Sheriff’s Deputy Fired After Altercation Incident

(Orange City) — A Sioux County Sheriff’s Deputy has been terminated following an altercation incident. On Saturday, March 20, 2021 at approximately 6:15 p.m., Sioux County deputy sheriff, Sgt. Nathan Kelderman was off duty and at his home in Boyden, Iowa. Kelderman stated that a motorcycle drove past his residence on the city street. He thought he recognized the driver as a person who did not have a motorcycle license.
Kelderman also believed the driver was a person who lived nearby his residence. Kelderman immediately went over to the suspected driver’s home on foot. Kelderman stated in his report and interview with command staff that the garage door of the suspect’s home was going down as he ran under it and
into the garage. This caused the garage door to reverse and go back up.
According to Kelderman he was there to detain the suspect. A physical altercation between Kelderman and the suspect, Nicholas Te Slaa immediately ensued in the garage.

The altercation continued out onto TeSlaa’s driveway. A neighbor saw it and called 911; several Sioux County Sheriff’s deputies were immediately dispatched. Te Slaa also made a 911 call. The son of the neighbor, who called 911, went over to the location of the altercation to break it up.

Kelderman stated that he went over to the suspect’s home without any identification, duty equipment or method of communication. He was also in civilian attire, wearing a T-shirt, shorts and tennis shoes.

Three sheriff’s deputies arrived on scene shortly after the 911 calls. Te Slaa was ultimately arrested and charged with several criminal offenses.

Upon notification of this incident, the command staff at the Sioux County Sheriff’s Office immediately began an investigation into Sgt. Kelderman’s actions. On Monday, March 22, 2021 the sheriff’s office received three other complaints from civilians concerning Kelderman’s actions.

After a complete investigation by the sheriff’s office it was determined Sgt. Kelderman had violated a sheriff’s office policy and training which prohibits an officer from this type of action when off duty. The initial incident involved very minor traffic offenses and should have been reported to an on duty deputy, per the sheriff’s office policy.

Sheriff Dan Altena stated, “Our policy is in place to prevent unnecessary danger or injury to officers, suspects, witnesses or others. The violation of it caused preventable injuries and put witnesses, neighbors as well as responding officers in a bad position.”

Subsequently, Sgt. Nathan Kelderman was terminated from his employment at the Sioux County Sheriff’s Office on Monday, March 29, 2021.




Northwestern College To Begin COVID-19 Vaccine Clinic For Students

(Des Moines) — Governor Reynolds, during her weekly news conference held Wednesday, announced that several Iowa community colleges and four-year private colleges would be setting up clinics, beginning next week, to vaccinate both faculty and students. Two of the colleges mentioned, are familiar to northwest Iowa. They include Northwestern College of Orange City and Dordt University of Sioux Center.
The governor says in following weeks additional Johnson and Johnson vaccines will be allocated for the sole purpose of vaccinating students and faculty at other Iowa colleges.
Northwestern College at Orange City will be conducting the COVID vaccine clinic for its students beginning next week. Northwestern College president, Greg Christy says he is grateful for having the Johnson and Johnson vaccine made available to Northwestern College.

Christy says a total of 500 doses of the vaccine will be allocated for Northwestern College. He talks about where on campus the vaccines will be administered and what students will need to do in order to become vaccinated against the COVID-19 virus.

The Northwestern College president says by having the student body get vaccinated, it will mean a return to more of a normal campus life.

In addition to Northwestern College, Dordt University of Sioux Center will also hold a vaccine clinic for its students beginning next week.




Iowa Judge Dismisses Bottle Bill Lawsuit From Grocers

(Des Moines, IA) — A district court judge dismissed the grocery industry’s challenge of how state officials interpret Bottle Bill requirements for redeeming the nickel deposits on empty beverage containers. A plan up for debate in an Iowa Senate committee would set the conditions by which grocers
could opt out of processing the empties in their stores. Senator Dan Dawson from Council Bluffs says the bill could “breathe new life” into the effort to make changes. David Edelman, a lobbyist for the Iowa Wholesale Beer Distributors Association, said the groups will continue to negotiate, in hopes of finding acceptable adjustments in the Bottle Bill. He says redemption rates in Iowa are falling and the latest report suggested 64 percent of bottles and cans are recycled. The lawsuit that was tossed out
argued the Iowa D-N-R did not have the authority to enforce Bottle Bill rules.




More COVID-19 Cases in Young Adults in Iowa

(Des Moines, IA) – – Iowa is seeing an increase in COVID-19 cases among young adults. Public Health Director Kelly Garcia says about one-third of recent new cases involve people between the ages of 18 and 29. Garcia is blaming the increase in cases on spring break travel. Anyone 16 and older will be eligible to receive the vaccine on Monday. Governor Kim Reynolds
said Wednesday that the state will start sending Johnson and Johnson doses to college campuses next week.




Elementary Students Cheer Workers at Mercy Hospital in Iowa City

(Iowa City, IA) — Students in Iowa City are showing their appreciation for workers at Mercy Hospital one year after the COVID pandemic began. Dozens of kids from Horace Mann Elementary School surprised Mercy health care workers
Wednesday with signs, cheers and thank you notes. Staff in the emergency room came outside to greet the students and were thankful for the surprise.
Some workers took pictures with the students and said their support meant a lot.




John Deere Foundation Donating $200 Million For Volunteer Efforts

(Moline, IL) — The John Deere Foundation plans to contribute 200-million dollars over ten years to help children and families, farmers, and employee volunteer efforts at its facilities in Iowa and elsewhere. Foundation president Nate Clark says the catchphrase for the new initiative is “We run so life can leap forward.” He said “we embrace volunteerism in all of its
diversity.” Clark says 100 million dollars will go to families and youth who live, work and learn in the Quad Cities and other home communities. He says they are directing 50 million to smallholder and resource-constrained farmers throughout the world to bolster their capacity, “not only to make a living
but to feed a growing population and improve the world around them.” Another 50-million dollars will help mobilize the Deere workforce as employees volunteer their time and resources in Iowa and around the world.