Le Mars Dog Park Is Now Open


(Le Mars) — It may have taken a while, but pet owners can now visit the new Le Mars Dog Park which is now open behind the Walmart building.  City Administrator, Jason Vacura says with the completion of the Dog Park, Le Mars has now finished with its ten projects as identified in the Community Betterment Projects.

Vacura says the new dog park is actually separated in two parts for smaller dogs and for larger dogs.

The city administrator says although the park is designed to allow dogs to run, pet owners are expected to remain at the area.  Vacura describes the features found at the new dog park.

Vacura says he conducted a fair amount of research when designing the new dog park.

Vacura says the dog park is anticipated to remain open all year round.  He adds that there are some rules with the new dog park, and that everyone is expected to abide by those rules.  The city administrator says the total cost of the new dog park was listed at $205,000 which $175,000 was financed through the Community Betterment Foundation.