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Thursday News, November 25th


Ireton Man Arrested For Fatal Accident From A Year Ago

(Le Mars) — An Ireton man has been arrested by Plymouth County Sheriff’s Deputies on a warrant from a fatality accident that happened a year ago.  Sheriff’s Deputies made the arrest of 51-year old Chad Vlotho on Wednesday.  Vlotho had a warrant for his arrest from a fatal accident that occurred on County Road L-12 about a mile north of Remsen.  That accident involved a motor home recreational vehicle that had overturned on its side while going around a curve.  Sioux County authorities had taken Vlotho into custody.  Vlotho was taken to the Plymouth County jail and was charged with OWI 1st offense and homicide by vehicle – operating under the influence.  Bond was set in the amount of $30,000.00.




Spencer Man Arrested For Possession Of Controlled Substance

(Le Mars) — Plymouth County Sheriff’s Deputies arrested a Spencer man early Wednesday morning for possession of a controlled substance.  The incident happened at about 3:09 a.m. at the on-ramp of Exit 116 on Highway 75.   While assisting the motorist, two small clear plastic baggies were discovered on the driver.  As a result, William Robert Berger, age 42 of Spencer, Iowa was arrested and charged with possession of controlled substance 3rd or subsequent offense, which is a felony charge.  Berger was booked into the Plymouth County Jail and held on bond.




Iowa Is “The Insurance State”

(Des Moines, IA)  —  More than 180 insurance companies are now headquartered in Iowa — and Iowa Economic Development Authority director Debi (like “Debbie”) Durham says no other state gets a higher percentage of its Gross Domestic Product from the insurance and finance industry. “We took over the number one place in the nation ranking as far as GDP growth for insurance,” Durham says. “It used to be Delaware, Connecticut, then Iowa.” According to the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, the insurance industry accounts for at least 16 percent of the jobs in metro Des Moines.




Ag Secretary Hearing Good News About Iowa Harvest

(Des Moines, IA)  —  Iowa Agriculture Secretary Mike Naig (like egg) says he is hearing good things as the harvest is almost done.  “They’re telling me that they are thrilled with the yields and the grain quality, given what they thought could be the case with the drought that we had,” Naig says. “Folks are seeing yields that are much better than we had expected.”  He says farmers are also thankful for replenishing fall rains. There will be less worrying about soil moisture heading into the spring.




Iowa Preparations Being Made For Afghan Refugee Move-Ins

(Des Moines, IA). —  A coalition of agencies and organizations is preparing to help as many as 13-hundred Afghans resettle in central Iowa by the middle of next year. Mak (MAWK, rhymes with “hawk”) Suceska (soo-SESS-kuh) is head of the Iowa Bureau of Refugee Services, the state agency that’s providing technical assistance to organizations sponsoring Afghans evacuated from their home country this summer.  Afghans who were evacuated in August were fleeing persecution and violence, often because of their work with or support of the U.S. military over the past 20 years.




COVID Hospitalizations Increase For 3rd Straight Week in Iowa

(Des Moines, IA)  —  The number of COVID-19 patients in Iowa hospitals is on the rise for the third straight week.  The Iowa Department of Public Health provides an update on the Covid patient count every Wednesday.  This week’s report shows 623 Covid-19 patients are in an Iowa hospital and 23 percent of them are in intensive care.  More than ten-thousand new cases have been confirmed in the past week.  The state website shows 63 percent of Iowans above the age of 11 have been vaccinated.




Native Americans March in Sioux City to Remember Lost Children

(Sioux City, IA)  —  Songs, prayers, and drumbeats were part of the 19th annual Memorial March to honor lost Native American children in Sioux City Wednesday.  Co-organizer Terry Medina says the march remembers the Native American children who have been removed from their homes since the 1880s and placed into foster care.  Medina says “thinking of their families. I am always trying to preach the word of forgiveness, then thinking about these families who lost a son, daughter, grandchildren. It’s hard to let it go.”  The theme this year is ‘Heal the People.”  Three riders on horseback accompanied the nearly 100 marchers as they left War Eagle’s grave at War Eagle Park to walk more than two miles to the downtown Sioux City Convention Center.




Waterloo Man Gets 9 Years For Being Passed Out in Vehicle With Loaded Gun

(Cedar Rapids, IA)  —  A Waterloo man found with a loaded handgun while passed out in a car is going to federal prison for more than nine years.  Prosecutors say 28-year-old Adnan Alibegic was sentenced to 110 months after pleading guilty to unlawful possession of a firearm by a felon.  Alibegic was previously convicted of firing a gun that resulted in a bullet passing through a house.  He was found passed out in his vehicle at a gas station in October of 2020 with a stolen firearm next to him.  A pill bottle with fentanyl, methamphetamine and Xanax was also seized from the car.  The U-S Attorney’s office says search of his home turned up three more guns with Alibegic’s D-N-A on them.




Waukee Student Caught With Gun in Backpack To School

(Waukee, IA)  —  A Waukee student is in a juvenile detention center after bringing a gun to school.  Police say a school resource officer found the gun in the student’s backpack at Waukee Timberline School Tuesday.  Officers say the student claims he brought the gun to school for after school protection.   The school principal sent a letter to parents saying the teen did not make any threats against anyone.




Turkey Federation Official Sets Record Straight On Turkey

(Le Mars) — Turkey is often times the centerpiece to any Thanksgiving meal.  However, there has been some misinformation regarding the value and supply, and even the nutritious benefits of turkey.  Greta Irwin serves as the executive director with the Iowa Turkey Federation.  She says despite some talk about turkeys being in short supply this year, consumers should not encounter any problems with finding a turkey for the holidays.

There has been some misinformation by the Federal Reserve as to the nutrition of turkey compared to a soy-based tofu substitute product.  However, economists at the Iowa Farm Bureau have been able to disprove the claims.  Irwin says turkey meat is often times a better deal than any substitute food product.

Irwin says Iowa raises about 12 million head of turkeys a year, and ranks 7th in the nation for turkey production, and 5th in the nation for turkey processing.  She says our neighbors to the north in Minnesota is first in the nation with turkey production, and our friends to the south at Missouri ranks fifth in the nation for turkey production. Irwin says thanks to the many fast-food deli restaurants, turkey consumption has risen during the last few years.

The Iowa Turkey Federation official says there are several considerations to remember when preparing and cooking turkey.

Irwin says to make certain you cook your turkey with an internal temperature of at least 165 degrees.  She says for additional ideas and recipes of turkey when you have left-overs, turn to the Iowa Turkey Federation.org website.