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Wind Generator Setbacks

Woodbury County Supervisors have unanimously approved changes to the county’s wind turbine regulations. The county’s ordinance originally barred wind turbines within 600 FEET of city limits, but now wind turbines may not be placed within two MILES of the city limits of any community in Woodbury County.

This comes several weeks after Plymouth County expanded their setbacks.

Woodbury County Supervisors chairman Matthew Ung says the change protects future growth around cities.

It’s possible MidAmerican Energy may file a legal challenge of the supervisors’ decision. Some Woodbury County residents, like Moville Mayor Jim Fisher, had hoped for wider no-go zones for wind turbines.

Fisher says the concern is scenic  views around Moville will be ruined by the wind turbine structures. Bob Fritzmeyer of Sioux City was the only resident at the supervisors’ meeting who spoke in favor of wind turbines.

Plymouth County recently amended their wind generator ordinance to create 15-hundred foot minimum setbacks from the nearest home.  By 2025, that will increase to 25-hundred feet.