Tulip Festival Queen Avery Kelch


The 83rd annual Orange City Tulip Festival opens today in Orange City. Tulip Queen Avery Kelch says today, she and her court meet up with the Pella Tulip court. They visited Pella two weeks ago for their festival.


It’s an exciting time for Avery


It’s been a great experience to get to know the members o the court.


The courts’ costumes are from the region of Walcheren. Avery describes what’s unique about them.


The costume comes with a hat… and an underhat…


Creating the costumes was a time-consuming project.


Avery says the festival will create some lifelong memories for her.


Avery says she plans to attend Grand Canyon University this fall, majoring in Business and Marketing.

Tulip Court members for the 2024 Tulip Festival include Becca Boersma, daughter of Joel and Angela Boersma, Amelia Calsbeek, daughter of Dean and Tina Calsbeek, Kylie Kurtz, daughter of Vince and Laurie Kurtz, Ella Poppema daughter of Joe and Gina Poppema, and Avery Kelch daughter of Reese and Cristi Kelch,


Grand Canyon Business and MarketingThe festival opens at 9 this morning. There are two parades each day of the festival. The afternoon parade is preceded by a Straatfest, or Street festival. There’s also an evening parade at 6 pm. Each year a musical performance is put on. This year’s Night Show is “Footloose”, staged at the town hall.