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Election Day Is Here – Plymouth County Polling Locations

Polls are open from 7:00 a.m. to 9:00 p.m. Here is the list of polling places:
Precinct #1 which includes Portland township and the town of Akron will vote at the
Akron Public Library.

Precinct #2 which is a new precinct, includes the townships on the eastern edge of
Plymouth County featuring Meadow…Remsen…Henry…and Garfield but excludes the towns
of Remsen and Kingsley will vote at the American Bank in Remsen.

Precinct #3 includes Elgin and America townships as well as the communities of
Struble and Seney, but it excludes Le Mars. Voting will occur at the Courthouse Annex.

Precinct #4 which is also a new precinct has Preston…Grant…Johnson…and Washington
townships and the communities of Craig and Brunsville. The Brunsville Legion Hall
will serve as the voting location.

Precinct #5 includes the townships of Fredonia and Marion as well as the towns of
Oyens and Remsen. Voting will occur at the Remsen Public Library.

Precinct #6 consists of the townships of Westfield and Sioux along with the town of
Westfield. Voting will be at the Westfield Community Center.

Precinct #7 has Liberty…Plymouth…and Stanton townships along with the town of
Merrill and voters will need to go to the Kissinger Community Center.

Precinct #8, located in the southwestern corner of the county involves Hancock and
Perry townships, along with portions of Sioux City will vote at the Perry township

Precinct #9 includes the townships of Hungerford and Lincoln and also includes the
town of Hinton. The Hinton Community Center will serve as the voting place.

Precinct #10 is Union and Elkhorn townships along with the town of Kingsley.
Voting will take place at the Kingsley Community Center.

And finally, Precincts 11,12, and 13 includes the city of Le Mars and all voting
will be conducted at the Le Mars Convention Center, lower level. Even though
precincts 11, 12, and 13 includes Le Mars, voters will want to check the new
boundaries to see if they have been moved to a different precinct.