Wet Weather May Soon End


(Le Mars) — June obviously has produced a record rainfall for the entire state, and it may seem as though we have had more occurances of severe weather consisting of large hail and damaging winds.  But according to State Climatologist, Harry Hillaker, state wide, June was considered a fairly quiet month.

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It may seem as though more and larger hail has fallen this year, covering a wider area than in past years.  Hillaker says hail can be quite variable, and is not always easy to record from year to year over a wide area.

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The state climatologist says weather occurs in patterns, and he believes the pattern that created the unusual wet month of June may be ending.


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Hillaker says there have been fewer reports of tornadoes in Iowa this year than in past years.  He notes last year also had the fewest number of tornadoes ever reported in Iowa.  July and August typically have hotter temperatures, but Hillaker says that may not happen this year.

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