School Begins


School Begins Today

(Le Mars) — Today is the first day back to school for Le Mars Community and Gehlen Catholic. Many parents were seen escorting their small children to school, taking photographs, and finding both the locker and the classrooms. Students of all ages were carrying backpacks ready for their first day.   Floyd Athey serves as the principal for both Franklin and Clark elementary schools.  He says the first day back ususally serves as an orientation.

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At Gehlen Catholic, the day started with announcements and a prayer.  Principal Jeff Alesch read the announcements to start the first day of school.

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Alesch says Wednesday served as orientation for the students as they met their teachers and were handed their class schedules.  For today, well…the homework begins.

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The Gehlen junior high and high school principal says students are usually ready to begin school, and he adds, it doesn’t take too long for the students to be get adjusted to the daily routine.

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