Area Crops Needing Rain


(Le Mars) — Tuesday night’s weather forecast is calling for a 60 percent chance of showers and thunderstorms, with many people, including local farmers and homeowners hoping that rain will soon fall on Plymouth County and northwest Iowa. According to the KLEM weather almanac, Le Mars has not had any rain since May 25th, and then it was only trace amounts. The last substantial rain was three weeks ago and recorded on May 20th when Le Mars had received eight tenths of an inch. Iowa State University Extension and Outreach Crops Specialist for
Northwest Iowa, Joel DeJong, says many soybean fields have been planted twice, or even a third time, since soybeans were having difficulty emerging, as a result of the dry conditions.

“DeJong, Joel”

DeJong says both corn and soybeans are showing signs of being stressed due to the lack of rain.

DeJong says although the topsoil is dry, he says the deeper subsoil moisture levels are still adequate for crop development.

The Iowa State University agronomist says some people believe a dry spell helps develop stronger roots as the plant is forced to have its roots go deeper seeking moisture. He says any areas with soil compaction will also hinder proper root development.