Sioux County Youth Fair Continues Through Weekend


(Sioux Center) — The Sioux County Youth Fair is now happening at Sioux Center. According to Jackie Jiskoot, Sioux County Extension Assistant 4-H and Youth Director she says this year’s fair saw an increase in many of the 4-H and FFA animal exhibits, and although there are fewer static displays this year, Jiskoot says the judges were impressed with the quality of projects.

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Jiskoot says there are 350 4-H members and 20 FFA exhibitors at this year’s Sioux County Youth Fair. One area to see an increase is with the rabbit exhibitions. Jiskoot says many urban 4-H members have entered rabbits. She says a while back, a rabbit superintendent helped the exhibitors.

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The Sioux County Fair offers free admission, with the exception of the evening’s entertainment consisting of races and a country music concert by the local popular group “Locked and Loaded” scheduled for Saturday evening.

Jiskoot, Assistant 4-H and Youth Director says today’s activities focus on the children.

Yesterday, we had cooler temperatures which made for a much more comfortable day at the fair. However, earlier in the week, both the temperatures and humidity levels were climbing. Jiskoot explains how it affected the animal entries.

Jiskoot says many of the animals have fans near their pens and stalls circulating the air, as well as sprinklers spraying a fine mist on to the animals in order to keep them cool and comfortable. Today is the 4-H swine show and Saturday will feature the 4-H Market Beef show.