City Council Address Fireworks Issue


(Le Mars) — The issue of fireworks was discussed during yesterday’s Le Mars city council meeting. Mayor Dick Kirkhoff informed council members that the city has been receiving some complaints about the discharge of fireworks.
Kirkhoff called for Le Mars Police Chief Kevin Vande Vegte and Le Mars Fire and Rescue Chief Dave Schipper to address the council, and to explain the current laws as they pertain to the sale and discharge of fireworks. Police Chief Kevin Vande Vegte informed the council as to what the law allows as for the dates and times fireworks can be discharged.

The Police Chief reminded the city council fireworks can only be discharged on private property.

Fire Chief Dave Schipper says his office has received six complaints so far this year. Schipper told the city council they have the opportunity to change the dates for the discharge of fireworks. He says other communities across the state have already made some changes.

Councilman Clark Goodchild inquired as to if the city council could change the dates of the sale of fireworks? Schipper responded by telling the city council, according to Iowa law, the dates for sale of fireworks cannot be changed or altered by local government entities.

Vande Vegte says his department has and will, issue citations if the rules of discharging fireworks are not being followed.

Schipper says he doesn’t like the law, and commented that many public safety associations were against the fireworks bill.

The council indicated they may address the issue again sometime following the Independence Day, 4th of July holiday.