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Friday Afternoon News, September 13th


School Officials Announce Time Table For New Stadium Ribbon Cutting Ceremony

(Le Mars) — People around town are excited for next Friday when Le Mars Community School District celebrates Homecoming by playing its inaugural football game on the new turf at the renovated stadium. School officials have organized a ribbon-cutting ceremony for next Friday. Dr. Steven Webner, the school district’s superintendent tells of the timetable for the
events taking place at the new stadium.

Webner says even though the track is not completed, officials have decided to go ahead and play the game on the new field. Webner says there were some drainage issues that needed to be remedied for the track.

The school superintendent says contractors are completing some final touches, including laying additional cement behind the stadium.

The Homecoming Parade is scheduled to begin at 2:15 p.m. and will be broadcast on KLEM radio.



New Video Scoreboard To Show Many Features

(Le Mars) — While attending next week’s Homecoming football game, people will no doubt notice the new video scoreboard on the west end of the field.
Nancy Isebrand, who is the supervisor in charge of the video board, says the new scoreboard can do so much more than simply show the score.

Isebrand says it has been challenging to learn the different functions available, and to program the video board with various computer program options.

The new video board has also meant creating a new media class offered to students.

Homecoming will be the first opportunity for the public to see the new stadium along with the new turf, and the new scoreboard. Isebrand offers a preview of what will be featured on the new video scoreboard.

By the way, if you enjoy showing your Bulldog spirit, but are somewhat unfamiliar with all the words to the Le Mars Community Fight Song, Isebrand says the new video scoreboard will help by showing the lyrics while playing the music.



Iowa DNR Investigating Manure Run-off Spills In Sioux County

ROCK VALLEY—Iowa Department of Natural Resources responded to two reports of manure discharges near Rock Valley Thursday afternoon.

The first came from Remmerde Farms which reported an overflowing manure storage structure. The discharge reached Dry Creek, a tributary of Big Sioux River. The owner will land apply manure from the storage structure as soon as possible.

DNR staff also investigated a complaint of a manure discharge from a Meadowvale Dairy stockpile. Located west of Rock Valley, the manure runoff is entering an unnamed stream which eventually reaches the Big Sioux River.
The owner plans to land apply manure when they can get equipment to the site, and then build a berm to contain future runoff.

Staff collected water samples at both discharge locations and will send them for laboratory analysis. They did not see any dead fish when they checked the creeks. Stream flows are high following recent rains.

The DNR will continue to monitor cleanup and consider appropriate enforcement action.



Iowa Falls Officials Agree To Settlement 

IOWA FALLS, Iowa (AP) – Iowa Falls city officials have agreed to pay $250,000 to a man who suffered a broken leg in 2017 after a police officer took him to the ground during an arrest.
A settlement shows the city and its insurer agreed to the payment in July to settle a federal civil rights lawsuit filed by Aaron Bailey.
Bailey was arrested for disorderly conduct and handcuffed outside his home by officer Joe Metz.
As Metz was walking Bailey to his squad car, the officer said Bailey was belligerent and appeared to try to head-butt him. The officer said he took Bailey to the ground and fell on him.
Bailey’s lawsuit claimed Metz picked Bailey up and slammed him down after Bailey called the officer a homosexual slur. It claimed that Bailey suffered a compound leg fracture that resulted in permanent injuries.
The lawsuit also called the underlying arrest baseless. Bailey pleaded guilty to public intoxication and charges of interference with official acts and disorderly conduct were dropped.



State Supreme Court Says District Courts Have Jurisdiction Over Crimes Committed At Indian Reservations When Not Involving Native Americans

DES MOINES, Iowa (AP) – The Iowa Supreme Court says state courts have jurisdiction over crimes committed on the Meskwaki Settlement when the crimes are committed by non-American Indian individuals or against people not members of a tribe.

The court made the ruling Friday in a case involving Jessica Rae
Stanton. She was charged in January at the Meskwaki Bingo Casino Hotel in Tama by a tribal police officer with trespass, possession of drug paraphernalia and violation of a no-contact order.

A magistrate dismissed the charges, concluding a federal law passed last year removed state jurisdiction for crimes on the Indian settlement.

The case centers on changing law regarding jurisdiction on tribal

A 1948 federal law gave state officials jurisdiction on tribal land for crimes committed by tribal members. However, last December Congress passed a new law repealing the 1948 act, removing state jurisdiction from crimes by tribal members or against tribal members on Indian settlements. State
officials still have jurisdiction for crimes by non-Indians or against non-Indians members on tribal settlements.

The court reinstated Stanton’s charges and sent them back to district court for a determination of whether she is American Indian and whether any victims are members of a tribe.



Parking Fines Are Doubled For Iowa State Games

AMES, Iowa (AP) – Football fans intending to drive to Jack Trice Stadium in Ames for Saturday’s game between Iowa State University and the University of Iowa face a bigger parking challenge than usual: Fines for illegal parking have been doubled.
The city passed an ordinance earlier this year to raise the fine to $40 from $20 for illegal parking from 6 a.m. to midnight on game days.
Geoff Huff with the Ames Police Department says most lots near the stadium charge $20 to park, so people were paying the same in fines to park illegally and closer to the stadium than paying to park legally elsewhere.
Huff says police project around 150,000 people will be in and around the stadium Saturday, compared with an estimated 80,000 in the area for the game two years ago. He says the increase will come in part because ESPN’s College GameDay production and crew have come to town.