City Council Discusses Hwy 75 and 18th St. SW Intersection


(Le Mars) — The intersection of Business Highway 75 and 18th Street, along with the entire Business Highway 75 corridor stretching from 24th Street to the Dairy Queen corner was discussed again during the recent Le Mars city council meeting. City Administrator, Jason Vacura informed the council the
Public Safety Committee recently met and determined two radar speed signs would be posted in the area that will display the speed of the traffic.
Vacura says based upon accident data provided by Police Chief Kevin Vande Vegte, there has not been an increase of accidents at the intersection in question.

Vacura informed the council of the police department’s recommendation, at least during the short-term.

The city administrator told the city council that Police Chief Vande Vegte had further sub-divided as to the time that most of the accidents had occurred at the intersection of Business Highway 75 and 18th Street Southwest.

Vacura says before the city decides to do anything with the intersection, a traffic study may be needed. Vacura and Public Works superintendent Scott Kneip informed the council that such a study could cost in the range between $8,000 and $15,000 dollars. Kneip says there may be some cost sharing available for a traffic control light through the Iowa Department of
Transportation. Councilman Goodchild asked if it would be more appropriate to designate a specific truck route beginning on 24th Street southwest near Lamberts Lumber. Goodchild further mentioned, “Trucks going into the industrial area is not the problem. Its the trucks leaving the industrial area that is our problem.” Vacura reminded the city council that since the
intersection is close in proximity to the start of the municipal airport’s runway, the Federal Aviation Administration would also need to be consulted and give their approval, before a traffic light signal could be installed.