Gehlen Catholic and Le Mars Community To Hold Outdoor Graduation Ceremonies


(Le Mars) — Both Gehlen Catholic and Le Mars Community are hoping the weather will cooperate as both schools plan to hold senior graduation ceremonies outdoors on Sunday, June 14th. Gehlen Catholic’s Development Director Amy Jungers says Gehlen will hold its graduation ceremony at the Riverview ballpark complex.

Jungers says people will need to bring their own chairs to the ceremony.

Le Mars Community will hold its graduation ceremonies later that Sunday afternoon beginning at 3:00 p.m. from the new stadium facilities. Dr. Steve Webner, the school’s superintendent, tells us of the specific details and restrictions.

Webner says following the graduation ceremonies, the school is asking everyone not to congregate, but rather to leave the premises.

Webner says even though the graduation ceremonies will be held outdoors, they ask everyone to consider wearing a mask or other face covering. Webner says he is excited to be able to hold a graduation ceremony.