Local Farmers Selling Fresh Grown Sweet Corn


A line is formed with people waiting to purchase locally grown sweet corn Saturday at a stand between Casey’s and Bob’s Drive-Inn.

(Le Mars) — People now have the opportunity to enjoy the taste of fresh home-grown sweet corn as several road-side stands are located at various locations around Le Mars and the region. One such sweet corn stand is operated by 14-year old Nolan Boehmer of Le Mars. Nolan, along with other assisting family members, have for the last eight or so years, parked their pickup truck on 1st Street SW near Business Highway 75 between Casey’s General Convenience Store and Bob’s Drive-Inn. According to Nolan, they market at least two pickup loads full of the local golden food each day. Nolan says he is uncertain as to the number of dozens of ears that are picked and sold on a daily basis, but he says his customers have been satisfied with this year’s crop.

Boehmer says his family gets an early start when harvesting the acres of sweet corn ready for sale.

The young farmer says they like to set up their sweet corn stand no later than 9:00 a.m and will remain there all day until either all the sweet corn is sold, or until 6:00 p.m. Boehmer says the proceeds from the sales remain with his family and are used to purchase seed and products for the next year’s crop. Boehmer has been selling the sweet corn for the last three weeks, and he expects the sweet corn supply will last through the entire summer.

Boehmer says they see more than a hundred customers each day. He says the sweet corn is non-GMO and they choose not to use any pesticides when growing the sweet corn. Boehmer says they sell 13 ears, or a baker’s dozen, when customers ask for a dozen ears.

Besides sweet corn, Boehmer says they have available other vegetable produce that includes: tomatoes, peppers, cucumbers, zucchini, and potatoes.

Besides selling sweet corn in Le Mars, Boehmer says his family also markets fresh sweet corn in Hawarden.