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KLEM News PM Update May 19, 2010

(LE MARS)– The Plymouth County Board of Supervisors gave a  “blessing” to a development agreement between the City of Le Mars and ICON Ag Solutions at their regular board meeting Tuesday morning.

The agreement authorizes an Industrial Property Tax Exemption for the project for a period of 5 years. Supervisor Don Kass explained the exemption.


“The deal that was made with ICON for this development agreement comes under City (of Le Mars) Code of Ordinance Chapter 8 and that’s a 75, 60, 45, 30, 15 (percent) exemption for five years,” Kass said.

“Repeat that,” Anderson asked. “Seventy-five, 60.”

“Fifteen percent every year it declines, over five years which is a little different than what we’ve done for the ethanol plant. The beauty part of this is that even with a 75 percent exemption we’re going to get more taxes than off a bare piece of land.”

“More than likely, yeah” Supervisor Mark Loutsch replied.

The motion by Supervisor Craig Anderson, seconded by Supervisor Gordon Greene passed by unanimous vote, with the county’s formal agreement to be approved in the near future.



“I’ll make a motion that we bless the development agreement that the city has proposed and the county will follow with a development agreement in the immediate future,” Anderson said.

“Is blessing the same as a motion?” Greene asked.

“I think that’s the same,” Anderson answered. “I’ll second,” Green replied.

“We have a motion and second, any further discussion?” Supervisors chair Jim Henrich asked. “All in favor of the motion?” 

Kass and Craig Anderson credited county Economic Development director Andrea Westergard for her efforts in securing the agreement.



“This has been a work in progress, I don’t know how long ago it was, but Andrea Westergard and I and Craig first showed them that property it was well over a year ago,” Kass said.

“Year and a half ago,” Anderson said.

“They became interested in it and Andrea kind of kept working on both the Thommes family and Adam Timmerman of ICON. And finally, some things are getting done and it’s very positive,” Kass explained.

“I think Andrea was very instrumental in making this go forward,” Anderson added.

ICON Ag Solutions will relocate their business from 170th Street, north of Le Mars to Key Avenue, west of Le Mars. (News report by Dave Ruden)

(WASHINGTON)–Rural Energy for America Program funds are being awarded for 24 projects.

Senator Chuck Grassley said the Ag Department’s Rural Development office awarded the grants and loans to lessen dependence on foreign oil.

According to a press release from Grassley’s office, funds to buy and or install energy efficient grain drying systems have been awarded to Richard Homan of Remsen. Homan will receive a $33,584 loan and a $33,584 grant.

(OMAHA)–One of 30 public meetings to decide whether changes to the Missouri River project purposes set in 1944 are needed is in Sioux City this summer.

The goal of the multi-year study by the U-S Army Corps of Engineers is the first-ever review of the 1944 legislation that created the system of dams and reservoirs on the Missouri River and major tributaries.

The eight purposes set up were flood control, hydropower, water supply, irrigation, navigation, recreation, water quality and fish and wildlife. Effects on the Missouri River resulting from the operation of projects on the Missouri River are part of the study.

The public meeting July 29th in Sioux City begins with an open house from 5-7 p-m and public speakers’ comments from 7-8 p-m at the Stoney Creek Inn in downtown Sioux City.

Participants may attend at their convenience.

(SIOUX CITY)–A summer arts series begins at Morningside College next month.

“The 25th annual Putnam County Spelling Bee,” is presented at the Buhler Outdoor Performance Center, on the Morningside campus June 4 and June 5th at 7 p-m. the production is a Tony Award-winning musical.

Randy Peters of the Morningside music faculty is the artistic director for the Summer Fine Arts series. Peters says the series is designed to bring free, quality music and theatre performances to Sioux City area residents.

The summer performances began in 2008. Peters says they offer a variety of productions that will appeal to fans of musical theater, storytelling and big band jazz.

Other productions include the musical comedy, “Nunsense,” June 25 and June 26th; Tahira, an African-American storyteller on July 9 and July 10; the children’s musical, “The Elves and the Shoemaker,” on July 30 and July 31st and the U-S Air Force Heartland of America Band jazz ensemble, “The Noteables,” on August 13th. All performances are free and open to the public.


DES MOINES, Iowa (AP) A report shows most of the gay marriages performed in Iowa since the state began allowing same-sex unions in April 2009 involved couples from out of state.

The report from the Iowa Department of Public Health shows 2,020 same-sex marriages were recorded since April 27, 2009 through March 31. Of those couples, 815 were from Iowa.

The rest were from elsewhere, including 199 couples from Illinois, 158 from Missouri and 111 from Nebraska.

There were nearly 10,000 couples married in Iowa during the time period.

Justin Uebelhor of the gay-rights group One Iowa says he wasn’t surprised to see that so many of the gay couples were from other states. He says many have Iowa ties and wanted to get married at home, while others live in nearby states.

IOWA CITY, Iowa (AP) Summer is expected to test Iowa City’s curfew for teenagers.

The curfew, which took effect this year, says teens can’t be out too late at night. Just how late depends on their age.

Police expect more teenage mischief now that warmer weather has arrived and school is getting out.

Community leaders are now working with teens to prevent trouble, including more summer programs to keep them busy and ward off summer boredom. That includes expanded basketball programs and more music and arts programs.

The curfew starts at midnight for 16- and 17-year-olds, 11 p.m. for 14- and 15-year olds and 10 p.m. for those 13 and younger.

Police say so far, they’ve nabbed seven curfew offenders.

DES MOINES, Iowa (AP) Iowa’s largest school district has approved laying off some teachers.

The Des Moines School Board on Tuesday approved terminating 18 contracts, including guidance counselors.

They are among the 74 who received layoff notices last month. The board did not vote on the remaining pink slips because those teachers have either been recalled or requested private hearings.

The district has eliminated 173 teaching positions in an effort to offset an $11 million budget shortfall.

The Des Moines district has 31,000 students in 66 schools.

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