Museum Manger Display

(Le Mars) — Jesus is the reason for the season, and at the Plymouth County Historical Museum now on display are over 60 different nativity sets, all showing the birth of Christ in a manger. The various nativity sets have been donated by individuals, churches, and organizations and they are of all sizes, and come from all over the world.  Delores Burkard oversees the nativity display.  She says her late husband Ron used to collect different nativity scenes, or he would spend his time in their basement creating nativity sets. She says after his death, she decided to offer some of the collected nativity sets to the museum for display.
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In addition to the many nativity sets, part of the display also features various decorated Christmas trees.  Burkard says her husband loved Christmas and would gather discarded Christmas trees.
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Burkard says she has loaned to the museum at least 15 different nativity sets, with plenty others stored at home in the attic.  Several area churches have contributed to the display by donating nativity sets.  One in particular came from the Le Mars Bible Church.

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Burkard says the museum manger display has grown each year it has been on display.  The museum manager exhibit will continue to be on display through early January.  The museum is open Tuesday through Sunday between 1:00 and 5:00 p.m. and on Wednesday evenings until 8:00 p.m.