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Tuesday News, January 12

Dr. Ben Carson Visits Le Mars

(Le Mars) — More than 350 people crowded into the Blue Bunny Ice Cream parlor Monday evening to hear and see Republican Presidential candidate Dr. Ben Carson.  Officials allowed only 120 people in the upstairs meeting room, and the rest were occupying the remainder of the upstairs floor space.  Officials quickly adapted the sound system so everyone would have the opportunity to listen to Carson. Carson repeated his message to both segments, so that everyone would be able to hear his message. At times, the retired surgeon sounded like a Sunday morning preacher, talking about his faith in God, as opposed to political policies.  Carson says only in America is there “a dream” saying you don’t ever hear about the “Canadian dream” or any other nation’s dream.  “It’s only the American Dream.” Carson informed the crowd that the United States is no longer taking a leadership position in the world, and he would change that.  He spoke of Russian president Putin as being a bully, and it is the duty of the president to stand up to Putin.  He also says the United States needs to be more aggressive against ISIS, by shutting down their source of revenue.  After speaking to both groups of people, Carson met with the media to answer questions.

President Obama is scheduled to deliver the State Of the Union Address later this evening from the nation’s capital.  However, Dr. Ben Carson, a republican candidate for president, says the people already know the state of the union.

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The retired surgeon wouldn’t elaborate on what those foreign policy plans would include.  Carson was in Le Mars last evening.  He says he believes people should have the right to own guns, but he is willing to listen to suggestions as to how to limit guns from the hands of potential criminals and cut down on mass shootings.

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Dr. Ben Carson made his living in the health care industry, and he says the Affordable Health Care Act, known as “Obamacare” is a misnomer.

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Carson elaborates on his comments regarding the national healthcare plan.

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During his town hall session, the republican candidate was asked which is of greater priority, defeating ISIS and other Islamic terrorists groups, or reducing the federal deficit.

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Carson says our country needs to reduce restricting regulations and reform our tax policy.

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Carson says this nation has the ability to solve “every single problem” using common sense, if we would remove politics and ego.





Supervisors To Begin Budget Discussions

(Le Mars) — Plymouth County Board of Supervisors are scheduled to meet this morning at the Plymouth County Courthouse Board room.  The supervisors have a busy slate as they will begin the process of discussing the county’s annual fiscal year budget.  The supervisors are expected to appoint Tim Miller as a Remsen Township Trustee to fill the position left by Ron Harnack.  County Recorder JoLynn Goodchild will submit her quarterly report to the county governing board.  Alan Luken, the county zoning administrator will present to the board’s his 2015 annual report.  The supervisors will hear from Plymouth County Sheriff, Mike Van Otterloo as he presents his year end review, and presents the Law Enforcement Center’s budgets.  County engineer, Tom Rohe is also scheduled to appear before the county supervisors.  Rohe will follow-up to last week’s questions relating to the county’s policy involving snow removal on the county roads and highways.  




Floyd Valley Board Of Trustees To Review By-laws

(Le Mars) — Floyd Valley Healthcare Board of Trustees will meet this evening.  The trustees will appoint directors to committee assignments.  The trustees will also review the complete annual conflict of interest statements, and review the governing board’s by-laws.  Administrator Mike Donlin is scheduled to offer the trustees a general update, as well as, review the Iowa Hospital Association’s Principles for Transparency.  Donlin will also discuss capital acquisitions, and bring the trustees up to date on the latest developments involving the north addition expansion project.





Sioux City Lottery Winner Claims $1 Million Prize


DES MOINES, Iowa (AP) – Iowa Lottery officials say a 23-year-old man has claimed a $1 million Powerball prize, after buying the ticket in Sioux City. 
Joel Dominguez is a pipefitter for Performance Contractors, the firm that is building a fertilizer plant south of Sioux City. 
His ticket numbers matched the first five drawn Saturday night but didn’t match the Powerball number. It was bought at a Hy-Vee grocery store. 
Dominguez claimed his prize at lottery headquarters in Clive on Monday. 
His ticket was one of 25 across the country that won the $1 million prize. No one matched all six Powerball numbers, and lottery officials expect the Powerball jackpot to hit $1.4 billion by Wednesday’s drawing.