King Holds Town Hall Meeting And Defends Comments Made To The New York Times

(Primghar) — Iowa Republican Congressman Steve King held a town hall meeting Saturday morning at Primghar, Iowa. This was the first town hall meeting King has hosted since losing his congressional committee assignments as a result of comments regarding white supremacy made by King that appeared
in the New York Times. It is also the first town hall meeting that King has hosted for several months. The Primghar Community Center had about 100 constituents and more than 30 members of the media, including national television networks, CNN and NBC. King attempted to explain to the gathering that he is not racist, and the New York Times misrepresented his meaning. The first question from the attendees was how can King adequately
represent the 4th District, now that he was no longer on any Congressional committees? King says since the Republican party lost the majority, he says the Democrats will prevent the Republicans from acting on any proposed bills. He claims he and other Congressional Republicans will only be able
to play “defense” on bills.

King believes the Democrats on the House Judiciary Committee will begin the process to “impeach the president.” He says by not being on any committee, he has the opportunity to speak on the floor on any proposed bill.

King was asked about immigration, the proposed border wall, the heart-beat abortion bill, and even what actions he would take to help bring economic development to rural Iowa communities? Anne Slattery of Spencer says she was disappointed with King’s response about economic development for rural communities.

Slattery doesn’t believe King can be an effective representative of Iowa’s 4th District without being on any House committees. She says with Republicans stepping forward to challenge King for the next primary election, it may be difficult for the long-term congressman to retain his seat.

The Spencer woman says she has been disappointed with King for several years.

There were some people at the town hall meeting that stood up and praised King, and said they would continue to support the embattled Congressman.