County Board Of Supervisors Listen To Sheriff’s Budget Proposal


(Le Mars) — Plymouth County Board of Supervisors re-elected Don Kass as the chairman of the board, and Craig Anderson was again elected to serve as the vice chairman of the Plymouth County Board of Supervisors.


(Le Mars) — Plymouth County Sheriff Jeff TeBrink presented to the Plymouth County Board of Supervisors with his proposed fiscal year budget during the weekly supervisor meeting held Monday. TeBrink is asking for modest increases for each division under the sheriff’s jurisdiction. With the Communications
Center, TeBrink is proposing a budget of $525,517. The current budget is at $516,517 or an increase of 1.7 percent.

Next up, TeBrink discussed the proposed budget for the jail staff and facilities.

The current budget for the jail services is listed at $1,382,574 and the proposed budget would be listed at $1,435,130. Sheriff TeBrink shared the Sheriff’s Rural budget as a one-point-nine percent increase over last year’s allotment. TeBrink says he placed the salaries of four of his deputies within the Rural Division. Supervisor Craig Anderson says the Sheriff’s Rural
Divison has always encountered problems.

The new sheriff then proceeded to inform the county supervisors about his proposed budget for the Sheriff’s General Basic fund.

The combined total proposed budget for the Sheriff’s Office is listed at $3,683,222 dollars. The current budget is at $3,569,016. The increase represents a 3.19 percent increase.


County Supervisors Committee Assignments:

Craig Anderson           Workforce Development

                                    E-911 Board

                                    County Safety Board

                                    SRTPA Board, Alternate

                                    SIMPCO MPO Board and SIMPCO Executive Board

                                    Woodbury Co. Assessor’s Office Conference Board

                                    Hungary Canyons Alliance Board

                                    Loess Hills Development and Conservation Authority

                                    I.P.A.I.T Board

                                    R.E.A.P Board

                                    Hazmat Board

Don Kass                     R.E.A.P. Board (Alternate)

                                    Sioux Rivers Mental Health Region Board

                                    Mental Health Crisis Board

                                    3rd Judicial District Dept. of Correctional Services

                                    Mid Sioux Opportunity Board

                                    Youth Emergency Services Board (YES Center)

                                    Synergy Board, Alternate

                                    Little Sioux Watershed Board

                                    Plains Area MH Board Liaison

Mike VanOtterloo        Plymouth County EMA

                                    Loess Hills Alliance Board Alternate

                                    Sioux Rivers Mental Health Region Board

                                    Synergy Board

                                    Plymouth County Planning Council

                                    Mental Health Crisis Board

                                    Mental Health DECAT Board

                                    Plymouth County Wellness

Gary Horton                Loess Hills Alliance Board

                                    Siouxland Regional Housing Authority Board

                                    SRTPA Board

                                    Big Sioux Corridor Board

                                    NW Early Childhood Iowa (Empowerment)

                                    Siouxland Regional Transit Board

                                    West Central Region Housing

                                    Life Skills (Mid-year committee member)

                                    Plymouth County Landfill

                                    Plymouth County Labor Negotiations Board

John Meis                     E-911 Board, Alternate

                                     SIMPCO, Alternate

                                     Loess Hills Alliance Board

                                     Floyd Valley Community Health Services Advisory Committee

                                     Life Skills Board

                                     Le Mars Business Initiative Corp. (Liaison)

                                     Plymouth Co. Board of Health Planning Council

                                     Plymouth County Labor Negotiations Board