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Friday News, January 8th


City May Address An Ordinance That Would Forbid Construction Dumpsters, Trailers, And Other Items To Be Parked On City Streets

(Le Mars) — Earlier this week, the Le Mars city council was informed about the situation involving construction dumpsters, recreational vehicles, and cargo trailers, and other items that have been left parked on city streets. City Code Enforcement Officer, Greg Smidt told the city council that he has sent a text message to more than 50 area contractors alerting them of the problem. Smidt says building construction contractors and sanitary disposal contractors were notified to move the dumpsters, and in the future, those large dumpsters would need to be placed on the resident’s or business’s driveway or lawn.

Smidt says the Public Safety committee decided to add specific language to the city code. Smidt says there is already an ordinance that deals with the issue, but the language is vague.

Smidt informed the city council that he has specifically added language to include construction dumpsters, and other items.

The city code enforcement officer then read to the city council the contents of the text message that was sent to several contractors alerting them of the pending proposed ordinance changes.

The city council has not taken any action on the proposed ordinance as of yet, but the issue is likely to appear on the city council’s agenda sometime in the future.




Jeneary Is Ready To Return To Work At State Capitol 

(Le Mars) — The Iowa Legislature returns to work on Monday, and according to Dr. Tom Jeneary, the state representative for District 5 which includes most of Plymouth County and the northern tier of Woodbury County, state lawmakers may act on incorporating the 2nd Amendment from the U-S Constitution into the Iowa Constitution.

Jeneary says lawmakers may also try to introduce an amendment that would dictate how abortions are funded.

The state legislature will also be dealing with the never-ending issue of adequately funding mental health.

Jeneary says a portion of the proposed one-cent sales tax increase would also go to help fund the state’s water quality initiative projects. Jeneary has again been appointed to serve as the vice-chairman of the House Natural Resources Committee. Jeneary will be a member of the Public Safety Committee, and the Veterans Affairs Committee. For the first time, Jeneary will also serve on the Human Resources Committee, which oversees medical-related issues, including medicaid. Jeneary admits that will be an interesting, but challenging committee.




Governor Reynolds Says A Lot of Questions Remain About Election

(Des Moines, IA) — Republican Governor Kim Reynolds is condemning those who stormed the U-S Capitol and “chose to incite violence” Wednesday. Reynolds said, “it’s unacceptable and they should be prosecuted to the fullest extent.” But the governor said today (Thursday) there are “a lot of questions” about whether the 2020 presidential election was “transparent, strict and fair.” Reynolds told reporters, “we can still move forward in a peaceful transition and figure out some way to responsibly take a look.” Iowa’s Secretary of State’s office sent out more than a million absentee ballots for the 2020 election due to COVID-19 and reported record voter turnout.




Axne Joins Call For President Trump’s Removal From Office

(Washington, DC) — Congressman Cindy Axne joining other House Democrats in calling on Vice President Mike Pence to invoke the 25th Amendment and remove President Trump from office. In a written statement, Axne accused Trump of inviting and inciting the insurrection in the U-S Capitol. Axne said the president’s words and actions have grown increasingly dangerous and erratic, and added, “it’s not safe for him to retain the powers of commander in chief for two more weeks.” Under a provision in the 25th Amendment, the vice president can become acting president if a majority of cabinet members and the vice president agree the president is unfit for office. Illinois Republican Adam Kinzinger is also calling for Trump to be removed through the 25th Amendment.



Miller-Meeks Against Removing President

(Washington, DC) — Second District Congresswoman Mariannette Miller-Meeks, a Republican from Ottumwa, says she does not support the call by House Democrats to invoke the 25th Amendment and remove President Donald Trump from office. Miller-Meeks says with two weeks remaining and the president having said there will be a peaceful transition, it’s time to try to unify our nation, bring us together and help us to heal. Third District Democrat Cindy Axne issued a statement Thursday saying she supports using the 25th Amendment to remove Trump before Biden’s inauguration.




US Senator Grassley Says President Showed Lack Of Leadership

(Washington, DC) — One of President Trump’s strongest supporters says he showed a lack of leadership while mobs were storming the U-S Capitol Wednesday. U-S Senator Chuck Grassley says Trump should take responsibility for the actions of the rioters. The president had urged his supporters to march to the Capitol while members of Congress were debating whether to accept the Electoral College results of the presidential election. Trump’s supporters didn’t stop outside, instead forcing their way inside while the lawmakers were evacuated. Grassley and the rest of the Iowa congressional delegation have condemned the riots.




Trump Protesters At Iowa Capitol Called “Peaceful” By Authorities

(Des Moines, IA) — A pro-Trump protest at the Iowa Capitol Wednesday wasn’t anything like the riot in Washington, D-C. The Iowa State Patrol says the 100 or so protesters were peaceful, singing hymns at the time. Sergeant Alex Dinkla says nothing became violent and nothing was destroyed. The sergeant says the group told him, if they were being too loud he should let them know and they would comply. The summer protests in Des Moines caused a major security upgrade at the capitol complex. Dinkla says everyone should have the right to express their own opinions – as long as it is in a peaceful way.




1930 New COVID Cases in Iowa, 5 Additional Deaths

(Des Moines, IA) — The Iowa Department of Public Health is reporting one-thousand-930 new positive COVID tests today (Thursday), increasing the state’s total to 291-thousand-394 cases. Five more Iowans have died of coronavirus complications which brings the death toll to four-thousand-65. Six-hundred-13 people are hospitalized with COVID in the state. One-hundred-19 of those patients are in intensive care and 52 are on ventilators. There are currently COVID outbreaks at 88 long-term care facilities in Iowa. Fifty-two counties have a 14-day average positivity rate of at least 15 percent. Nearly 49-hundred tests contributed to today’s numbers.




Fan Ban Dropped At HS Sporting Events

(Des Moines, IA) — Governor Kim Reynolds has updated her public health emergency proclamation so Iowa high schools do not have to limit the number of spectators at basketball games, wrestling meets, and other sporting events. The restrictions end today (Friday), but school districts can still impose their own limits. Fans at indoor games or meets must still wear masks and maintain their distance from others who don’t live in their household. The governor’s updated proclamation has extended the mask mandate for many indoor public spaces until February 6th.