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Thursday News, April 15th


National Guard Soldiers Return Home

(Le Mars) — 90 soldiers from the Iowa National Guard’s 113th Calvary – Troop “C” returned home to a hero’s welcome on Wednesday. Hundreds of people lined the route from Hy-Vee to the Armory building waving flags, displaying posters
and cheering as the soldiers returned home after a 10-month deployment to Africa. At the Armory building on the east edge of Le Mars, there were plenty of hugs and kisses from family members once the unit was dismissed. Barbara Grady of Granville says she waited ten months for this day to come when she could again see her son Specialist David Grady.

Specialist David Grady says it is good to be back home, but added his time at Africa for the National Guard mission was time well spent.

David Grady says he has been looking forward to the trip back home for about three months. He says the soldiers had a general idea as to when their mission would be completed, but it was only recently that they learned the specific date for returning home.

David Grady says the meals while in Africa were nutritious, but routine. He tells of what is his first objective is now that he is back home.

Barbara Grady says she wanted to ease any homesickness by corresponding with her son on a regular basis.

Specialist Grady says the guard unit will be off for a couple of months, then it will be back to their regular training schedule once a month.




Medical Researcher Explains Risks Of Johnson and Johnson Vaccine Are Small

(Des Moines) — The pharmaceutical company of Johnson and Johnson has suspended the distribution of their COVID vaccine due to six reported cases of women who have suffered blood clotting issues following being vaccinated. Governor Kim
Reynolds addressed the issue during her weekly news conference held Wednesday morning. Doctor Patricia Winokur appeared with the governor to offer some context and perspective. She says the reported side effects are extremely rare.

Dr. Winokur says it is still important for people to get vaccinated against the COVID-19 virus.

Winokur says there are some side effects to all COVID vaccines, as well as other medicines

Dr. Winokur says the blood clotting issue has been found only in women between 18 years and 48 years of age. She tells of what people who have received the Johnson and Johnson vaccine should be looking for, and what they should do, if they in fact start to have side effects.

The University of Iowa medical researcher continued to explain what patients need to do if they encounter the severe side effects from the Johnson and Johnson COVID vaccine.

It has been six weeks since Governor Reynolds received her Johnson and Johnson vaccine. Reynolds says the day of her vaccination, she did have mild side effects associated with the COVID-19 vaccine, which involved a headache.
Reynolds informed the news media that she has no reqrets of getting the Johnson and Johnson vaccine, and she would do it again.

The governor admitted stopping the Johnson and Johnson vaccine has placed some concerns for clinics, although she says both Pfizer and Moderna have increased their vaccine doses to make up for the lost of the Johnson and Johnson vaccine.




Iowa House Passes Bill Concerning Protests And Police Liability

(Des Moines, IA) — The Iowa House has passed a wide-ranging bill that would escalate penalties for protests that damage property and provide police with new liability from lawsuits. Fifty-five Republicans and eight Democrats voted for the package. Republican Representative Jarad (JAIR-ud) Klein of Keota says the bill is a response to protests that created unsafe situations in Iowa and other parts of the country over the past year. Two Republicans and 28 Democrats opposed the bill, which does not include the anti-racial profiling proposal from Republican Governor Kim Reynolds. The Senate has approved parts of the bill already but must review and pass the entire package before it would go to the governor.




Iowa Association Of Business And Industry Opposes Biden’s Planned Corporate Tax Hike

(Des Moines, IA) — The Iowa Association of Business and Industry warns President Biden’s infrastructure plan could lead to one-million job losses in its first two years. A spokesperson for the Association says it is against plans for a corporate tax hike. J-D Davis, vice president of public policy for the Association, says the tax boost could hurt both Iowa employers and employees. Davis says it makes the U-S noncompetitive internationally.
Although the proposal promises to fix roads, bridges and add jobs, the association believes the tax increase will have a negative impact.




Murder Charges Dropped Against Fort Dodge Man, But Other Charges Remain

(Fort Dodge, IA) — Prosecutors say they lacked the evidence to get a second-degree murder conviction against Darrell Jones – so that charge was dismissed this week. New charges filed in Webster County include intimidation with a dangerous weapon and possession of a firearm by a felon. He is scheduled to be arraigned on the new charges next Monday. Jones is being held
for a shooting last June that left 47-year-old Tyrone Cunningham and 25-year-old Jamael Cox dead in Fort Dodge. Two others were wounded. Webster County officials say murder charges haven’t been dismissed against 55-year-old Michael Shivers, 35-year-old James Davis, 33-year-old Michael Wells, and 22-
year-old Jeremiha Hatten.