Operation: “Clean Up The Community”


City council member, Steve Wick, was sweeping leaves and dirt from the downtown sidewalks Wednesday evening assisting with the clean up of the downtown region in preparation for RAGBRAI. 

(Le Mars) — Nearly two dozen people took to the city sidewalks with leaf blowers, brooms, and rags in hand Wednesday evening, helping to spruce up the community in preparation for this weekend’s RAGBRAI event. The people swept dirt and debris off the sidewalks, and help clean windows. It took only a couple of
hours to have the downtown area sparkle.

(Le Mars) — A new item can be seen in the downtown area. Last evening, ice cream cone sculptures, made of metal, were delivered and set up. There are four different metal ice cream sculptures. The sculptures have been painted to look like ice cream cones with sprinkles.  The ice cream sculptures were created by Randy Olson of Gus Pech Company.