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Wednesday Afternoon News, March 16th


Law Enforcement Agencies Ready For St. Patrick’s Day

(Le Mars) — St. Patrick’s Day is a day known for celebrations and parades, and the Iowa State Patrol wants to be sure you celebrate responsibly.  Law enforcement officials will be stepping up their patrol presence during St. Patrick’s Day and throughout the weekend.

That’s Iowa State Patrol trooper Kari Yaneff.  She says although St. Patrick’s Day is not an official holiday, it never-the-less sees its share of intoxicated drivers on the roadways.

Yaneff says with the warmer temperatures, and parades, they anticipate more people to be on the streets, and highways throughout the entire weekend.




Bill Would Expand Rate Hike Notices for Mobile Home Residents

(Des Moines, IA) — A House committee has approved a bill that would force landlords to give mobile home residents 90 days’ notice for rent and utility hikes, up from the current 60 days. The bill also includes some property tax relief, but the Iowa Manufactured Home Residents Network says after outrageous rent increases, the bill fails to limit future rent hikes or stop landlords from evicting them without citing a cause. Republican Representative Brian Lohse (LOH-see) of Bondurant is the bill’s floor manager. He says he’d liked to have seen more protections, but “at this point this is the compromise that I could achieve in order to move the bill along.” The bill is now eligible for debate in the full House.




Sports Betting in Iowa Could Top Last March’s Record

(Des Moines, IA) — Basketball fans love tournament time in March and there’s no doubt sports gambling companies in Iowa do too. Racing and Gaming Administrator, Brian Ohorilko (Oh-reel-koh), says sports betters wagered more than 161-million dollars last March — the most ever bet on sports. Ohorilko says that could be eclipsed this year as there are more sports gambling companies licensed — and lots of Iowa representation in the post-season tournaments. But he also reminds everyone to not get carried away with March Madness – anyone with a gambling problem can get free help at 1-800-Bets-Off.




DeJear Files Petitions to Run for Iowa Governor

(Des Moines, IA) — Democrat Deidre DeJear (DEED-ruh deh-JEER) has now submitted 66-hundred signatures on nominating petitions, to place her name on Iowa’s June Primary ballot. DeJear is seeking to become the first black Iowan to serve as governor. She told a crowd of supporters in the Capitol rotunda that she’s running because she wants the type of change that impacts pocketbooks, communities, counties, and “the better life that we can all have in this state.” DeJear is a native of Mississippi who graduated from Drake University and settled in Des Moines, where she runs a small business.




World’s Largest John Deere Collector’s Event Underway

(Davenport, IA) – What’s known as “The Gathering of the Green” gets underway today (Wednesday) in Davenport, but it has nothing to do with Saint Patrick’s Day. This event bills itself as the world’s largest gathering of John Deere enthusiasts — in the Quad Cities, where Deere is headquartered. Event chairman Tony Knobbe (kah-NO-bee) says one big attraction is the workshop on farm tractor restoration, which helps people “figure out what, how, when, and how much it’s going to cost to restore your tractor.” Other workshops range from basket making to beekeeping. The Gathering of the Green is held every other year and the 2020 edition was cancelled due to the pandemic.