Classic Musical Opens Next Week at Le Mars Community Theatre


(Le Mars) From age 9 to 90, the cast of Le Mars Community Theaters summer musical The Music Man feels like a light hearted family reunion. The 27 member cast has seasoned performers, newbies and every level of experience in between.
The Music Man performances begin next week so you’ll soon be able to see the show, which is set in the fictional Iowa town of River City. Salesman and con artist Harold Hill, played by Benjamin Mauritz, comes to River City to sell them on the idea of a band for the kids in the town.  The town piano teacher Marian Paroo, played by Angela Iversen, has the education to know what he’s up to, but will she call him on it?  That depends on how smooth he can be.

(L-R: Angela Iversen, Sylvia Riedeman)

Two of the youngest characters in the show are under the auspices of Miss Marian. One is her little brother Winthrop, played by 9-year-old Braycen Gengler. He tells us a little bit about his character.

Marian’s piano student Amaryllis, is played by 9-year-old Sylvia Riedeman.  She says she’s enjoying being a part of the show.

The third nine year old is a lovely little towns person played by Scarlett Hoppe. What’s been the most challenging part of the show for her so far?

(L-R: Sylvia, Scarlett, Braceyn)

Moving up over eight decades brings us to the age of the oldest cast member, Dr. Wayne Marty. He plays the constable and he dances and sings his bass vocal part with the best of them.

(L-R: Wayne Marty, Kemper Bowden, Jeff Neary)

The show is set in 1912, and even though Dr. Marty wasn’t born until 1932, many of the subject matters in the show ring true to him as a boy growing up in Iowa.  From the talk of the cistern running dry on Saturday night, to Audrey Scholten’s costume design… specifically of the men in charge of changing the set.

(L-R: “Constable” Wayne Marty, Kemper Bowden, George New)

Marty hopes everyone will come out and support this family-friendly show.

The Music Man at the Le Mars Community Theatre is under the direction of Jennifer Scholten and Father Paul Eisele and opens on the Postal Playhouse stage Thursday, July 28th and runs through the 31st.  Then again August 3rd through 7th.  Evening performances are at 7:30 and Sunday matinees are at 2pm. Tickets are available online at or by calling the box office Monday-Friday 11-1 at 546-5788.

Cast List:

Charlie Cowell – George New

Conductor – Dan Delperdang

Harold Hill – Benjamin Mauritz

Mayor Shinn – Jeff Neary

Ewart Dunlop – Jack McInnis

Oliver Hix – Dalton Glawe

Jacey Squires – David DeRoos

Olin Britt – Beau Pravecek

Marcellus Washburn – Curtis Jackson

Tommy Djilas – Kemper Bowden & Aaron Lee

Marian Paroo – Angela Iversen

Mrs. Paroo – Alison Hanson

Amaryllis – Sylvia Riedeman

Winthrop Paroo – Bracyn Gengler

Eulalie Mackecknie Shinn – Tracie Ritz

Zaneeta Shinn – Kaitlynn Meier

Gracie Shinn – Maddie Keunen

Alma Hix – Pam McDermott

Maud Dunlop – Kari Butcher

Ethel Toffelmier – Renae Buss

Mrs. Squires – Laila Archer

The Farmer – Eddie McKee

Constable Locke – Wayne Marty

Town’s People:

Scarlet Hoppe

Parker Keunen

Keri Malm