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KLEM News for Saturday, March 18


House Republicans passed a bill this week which prohibits public entities from boycotting investment in companies for political reasons.  State Representative Tom Jeneary of Le Mars explains.

Rep. Jeneary says several Iowa industries are vulnerable to this kind of disinvestment.

There is some of this activity going on in Iowa agencies, but not much.

The bill is a priority of majority Republicans in the chamber.  It previously passed in the Senate, and is on its way to the governor for signature.



A bill being considered in the legislature would eliminate the state sales tax on the sale of beehives. State Apiarist Andy Joseph estimates there are about half a million beehives in Iowa — with most of them being pretty small. He says there are probably a dozen to 15 on a commercial industry level. North Dakota produces the most honey of any state. Iowa currently ranks 16th. Joseph says Iowa was number one around 100 years ago- but that changed with all the farm changes in the 1940s,



A new A-A-R-P report finds the 330-thousand unpaid family caregivers contributed work that would be worth five-point-two BILLION dollars in 2021. A-A-R-P Iowa director, Brad Anderson, says that’s an increase of one BILLION dollars — due in part to severe shortages of workers in the field.

Anderson says another the reason for this increase is the population of residents over the age of 65continues to grow.

The study found family caregivers contributed an estimated 310 million hours in unpaid care with the dollar figure derived from a pay rate of 16 dollars, 80 cents an hour.



The counties in Iowa that are not home to a state-licensed casino still received some of the gambling revenue again this year  through the County Endowment program. Iowa Gaming Association C-E-O, Wes Ehrecke, says foundations in these 84 counties received 160-thousand dollars each  this last year. They have to put 25 percent of that in a permanent endowment the rest can be used for grants any way they want. Each have a separate board of directors for each county.  He says the program was started in 2004.



It was an unusual feat — nineteen puns and corny references during three minutes of debate in the Iowa House. Representative Austin Harris of Moulton kicked it off, saying a bill about licensing would help podiatrists-in-training start out on the right foot. Representative Austin Baeth, a doctor from Des Moines, rattled off more puns, suggesting the bill would help heel the lack of access to podiatric access in Iowa. Amid waves of laughter, House Speaker Pat Grassley jokingly suggested another House leader might put his foot down to stop the puns. A couple of minutes later, the bill passed the House unanimously.