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KLEM News for Wednesday, October 4

This harvest season has been marked by a number of equipment fires in Plymouth County.  Le Mars Fire Rescue Chief Dave Schipper said a number of them were reported at sites spread across the county.

The most recent fires occured on Monday.

Farmers are a big help in fighting fires in strong winds, as they use their discs to create fire breaks. Chief Schipper says even the best-kept equipment is vulnerable to fire.



A comprehensive Le Mars development plan was presented to the city council this afternoon. The plan is called Vision 2045, and lays out the potential development of Le Mars to the year 2045.

City Economic Development Director Mark Gaul says one priority is housing, particularly Senior housing.

Danielle Propst, with the consulting firm ISG presented the document to the council.  The plan addresses housing, economic development, quality of life, tourism, and downtown design.  The Le Mars city council will prioritize the ideas set forth in this plan.



The city council Tuesday also passed a resolution of approval for a project at Floyd Valley Healthcare. CEO Dustin Wright told the council that one part of the project is an upgrade of their Maternal Health facilities, the other is a Laboratory Renovation Project.  The project will cost an estimated 8.2 million dollars and will be paid for with cash reserves.



The four Republicans in the U-S House of Representatives voted against the removal of Speak Kevin McCarthy today. McCarthy was removed after eight other Republicans voted with Democrats on the move. Republican Matt Gaetz pushed to remove McCarthy for working with Democrats on the deal to avert the government shutdown.  Iowa Representative Ashley Hinson criticized the move in a statement after the vote, saying it paralyzed the House and brought their work for the American people to a halt. Hinson says she will continue working to end what she call the embarrassing chaos and dysfunction in Washington.



The former city clerk of Danbury has been arrested for allegedly misusing city money.  Woody Gottburg reports.




The Iowa Business Council’s  third-quarter Economic Outlook Survey shows continued concern about the national economy among its members.  I-B-C president Joe Murphy says they  measure member expectations for sales, capital spending and employment for the next six months. He says they saw a decline in each of those categories but the remained about 50 which indicates a positive outlook on the 100 point scale. The latest survey is just under 60.  Murphy says concern about a recession remains and whether there will be one and how it will impact things. He says the inflation and higher interest rates are hitting the customers of the member businesses.  Murphy says  that the Iowa economy remains strong and that is why there is still optimism in the state.



The hearing for the Summit carbon pipeline got underway again Tuesday with landowners discussing their concerns about the pipeline coming through their property. Dennis Graham testified he is concerned about whether there is insurance to cover any damages. He says they are pretty confident that they’re not covered under his personal policy. He says that covers normal farm operations, not  a pipeline with compressed C-O-2. The Iowa Utilities Board has landowners listed to testify through Thursday, the Summit hearing could then wrap up.