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KLEM News for Wednesday, December 13


The Plymouth County Board of Supervisors heard a budget request from the county Fair Board Tuesday.  Fair Board President John Ahlers says they didn’t ask the Supervisors for a specific amount of budget support.


The county also provides in-kind aid to the Plymouth County Fair.


There’s a lot on their plate at the fairgrounds in the next year.  The Fair Board moves quickly to carry out their projects.


Their tasks have grown to include much more than fairgrounds improvements.


There’s a lot on their plate at the fairgrounds in the next year. Electrical upgrades, and need to replace a tractor that’s in use at the fairgrounds.




The Floyd Valley Health Care Foundation has begun a campaign to raise funds for their Maternal Health expansion.  This is Foundation manager Amy Harnack.


The campaign has begun with visits to potential donors.


There is also a public component to the campaign.


This will involve an e-mail appeal to donors.  Harnack says they want to wrap up the campaign next fall.



Two people were injured Tuesday morning in a three car accident west of Boyden in Sioux County.  The Sheriffs Office says the accident occured at the intersection of US Highway18 and county Road K-64.  A vehicle driven west on 18, driven by 60-year old Wade Haarsma of Boyden had stopped at the intersection to turn onto K-64, when the vehicle was struck in the rear by a vehicle driven by 16 year old Kolby Heemskerk of Sheldon.  Haarsma’s vehicle went into the eastbound lane and was struck by a vehicle driven by 57 year old David Van Egdom of Hull.

Heemskerk and Van Egdom were transported by the Boyden Ambulance to the Sanford-Sheldon Hospital for treatment of their injuries. Haarsma declined further medical treatment.

Heemskerk was cited for following too close.

The sheriff’s office was assisted by the Iowa State Patrol, Boyden Fire Department and Boyden Ambulance.



Iowa State University released their annual Farmland value survey. It shows a record price per acre of farmland, but prices have lost momentum in the past year. Survey Coordinator Rabail Chandio says the average price for an acre is 11-thousand-835 dollars.


This increase is lower than the double-digit increases seen in the past two years.


Chandio says ten years ago, land values rose, and then there were minor adjustments without a crash in the market.


Chandio says the slowdown led to one of the nine land districts seeing a drop in overall values for the first time in several years.


Chandio says the southern district’s value increase could be misleading, as it lagged behind other parts of the state in previous years.


Two juveniles face felony charges after allegedly making threats against two small northwest Iowa school districts.  Palo Alto County Sheriff John King says a 16-year-old suspect has been charged with a felony for an alleged threat at Ruthven-Ayrshire Community Schools on Friday. A threatening social media post on Saturday against the Graettinger Terril School District was investigated by federal, state and local authorities. A juvenile located by Eagle Grove Police on Sunday has been charged with making threats of terrorism. The two school districts have a sharing arrangement for their athletic teams, which are known as the G-T-R-A Titans, and one superintendent oversees both districts.



Leaders of the Iowa Bicycle Coalition are on a road trip this week with the goal of visiting 99 Iowa bike shops, giving a nod to Iowa’s senior U-S senator in calling this a “Full Grassley Tour.” Coalition executive director Luke Hoffman says they’re striving to highlight and support local bike shops and their economic impact while generating interest in cycling, even as winter looms. Hoffman says he’s talking to cycle groups, bike shops, and bike-friendly businesses about how to build their community. As part of the tour, Hoffman says they’re meeting with cycling enthusiasts, including those who love riding in the cold weather with specially-equipped winter bikes.