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Iowa Farm Sells For Almost $4 Million

A 230-acre farm in Grundy County, Iowa, owned continually by the same family since plows first turned ground in the prairies in the 1870s, sold at a recent auction for almost four million dollars. Successful Farming says the Iowa century farm is historically significant in the state and has some of Iowa’s highest quality cropland. More than 91 acres, or 40 percent of the land, have a perfect 100 Corn Suitability Rating (CSR2). The overall weighted average for the land is a still-high 95.2. According to Iowa State University, the average rating for the state is 68.4. Grundy County has the second-highest average of Iowa’s 99 counties at 86.9. Before the auction, tenant Paul Koch spoke to the crowd. The third-generation farmer said the family moved onto the farm in 1929 and has farmed the land for about 94 years. “This is some of the state’s best ground,” he said.

(Story and picture from the Iowa Agribusiness Radio Network)