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Tuesday Afternoon News, November 6th


Electric Utility Cooperatives Donate To Le Mars Little League

(Le Mars) — The Le Mars Little League was given a big boost this morning when the Northwest Iowa Power Cooperative (NIPCO) along with the Northwest Rural Electric Cooperative presented Heath Husk, president of the Le Mars Little League, and other Little League officials with a check amounting to $9,000. Back in late September when the Floyd River had
flooded over its banks, flood waters had entered the storage sheds and destroyed much of the equipment and uniforms of the Le Mars Little League.
Since that time, organizations and businesses have generously contributed funds to the Le Mars Little League in order for the youth baseball and softball programs can continue this upcoming spring. Matt Washburn is the General Manager and Executive Vice President for NIPCO and explains how the power utility cooperative were able to utilize matching funds in order to
make the donation.

The employees of NIPCO, along with representatives of the North West Rural Electric Cooperative pose for a photo regarding the check presentation to the Le Mars Little League Association.

Husk says to date since the flooding, the Le Mars Little League has been able to raise approximately $30,000. Husk says he hopes to be able to raise a total of $100,000.



Sioux City Council Considers Banning BB and Pellet Guns

(Sioux City) — The Sioux City Council has passed the first reading of an ordinance that will make it a misdemeanor to carry a BB gun in public.  The council voted 5-0 Monday on the proposal to bar people from carrying “toy” firearms, such as pellet guns, which police say are becoming increasingly difficult to distinguish from actual guns.  Sgt. Scott Hatting of the Sioux City Police presented the proposal to council members and says BB guns have evolved well beyond the traditional rifle used by youngsters:

Sgt. Hatting says officers have had several encounters with individuals carrying the replica weapons and are faced with the question of whether to use deadly force:

Hatting says officers will not be looking to cite someone taking target practice in their yard but people carrying the guns in public:

Hatting also has a personal reason for proposing the ordinance. Three years ago he encountered a 17-year-old carrying a bb pistol that looked like a real handgun:

He says thousands of people in the area also have conceal carry permits, and it could be tragic if someone armed with a bb gun unknowingly confronted someone legally carrying a concealed real gun.

The council will hold a public hearing and must vote two more times to pass the proposal before it would become a local ordinance.

Can you tell the difference between the real gun and the toy gun?  In the first photo the toy gun is the gun on top.  In the second photo, the toy gun is on the left.



Grassley Predicts “A Late Night” For Voting Results

(Le Mars) — U-S Senator Chuck Grassley is predicting today’s election will be close for many of the candidates seeking office. The Iowa senior republican senator spoke with KLEM news this morning, and offers a breakdown as to what issues will influence a voter’s decision.

Several Iowa republican congressional members, along with Republican Iowa Governor Kim Reynolds are said to be vulnerable during this election.
Grassley says he knows each candidate is facing a close race, but he finds it is hard to imagine those incumbents would be facing a close race because the economy is doing well. Grassley says it is unpredictable to determine the outcome of the Iowa Congressional races. He says it will be a late night.

Grassley says he voted by absentee ballot this year.



Law Enforcement Agencies Appeal Judge’s Decision Regarding Open Records Law

BURLINGTON, Iowa (AP) – The Iowa Criminal Investigation Division and the Burlington Police Department have appealed a judge’s conclusion that they broke state law by refusing to turn over all records after investigating a city officer’s accidental shooting of a woman.
Autumn Steele was fatally shot on Jan. 6, 2015, by an officer
responding to a fight between Steele and her husband. The Hawk Eye newspaper and her family filed complaints with the Iowa Public Information Board when the two agencies didn’t turn over all the records.
The Hawk Eye reports that lawyers for the two filed separate appeals Friday to the information board, which will decide whether to accept or reject Administrative Law Judge Karen Doland’s proposed opinion.
The police attorney argues that Doland relied on an “incorrect
application” of Iowa code governing open records law. The investigation division’s attorney argues that Doland is wrong in interpreting “what materials may be part of an investigative file.”



Governor Reynolds Votes At Her Home Town

OSCEOLA, Iowa (AP) – Iowa Gov. Kim Reynolds and her husband, Kevin, have cast their ballots in their hometown of Osceola. They arrived at a polling station at Osceola United Methodist Church a little more than an hour after the polls opened across Iowa on Tuesday.