Le Mars City Council Sets Budget


(Le Mars) — The Le Mars city council has been crunching the numbers for the upcoming fiscal year city budget. Council members heard from each of the city’s department heads on Tuesday in determining the budget. Councilman Rex Knapp explains the city is reducing its levy rate, therefore allowing
the city to save some money.

Knapp says the city has been able to reduce individual tax collections since the revenue is being offset by the expansion of some businesses and industries.

The Le Mars city council member says the private contributions donated to the Community Betterment Projects have also helped keep taxes stabilized since additional tax dollars are not needed to fund those projects.

Knapp says since the mil levy is being lowered, he says the city of Le Mars will be able to see some substantial savings.

Knapp explains some of the ways the city was able to cut back on its budget, and still provide the services to the city.

Knapp says fortunately, the city will not be needing to reduce the city staff, or make any layoffs.