Families Follow Traditions Of Selecting A Christmas Tree From A Christmas Tree Farm


Jerod and Heather Vedral of Sioux City are with their children selecting the perfect Christmas tree from the T-and-S Christmas Tree Farm Of Rural Hawarden.

(Hawarden) — The weekend following Thanksgiving is the most popular weekend for people to purchase Christmas trees, and that holds true at the T-and-S Christmas tree farm of rural Hawarden.

That’s Robin Miller who works at the T and S Christmas tree farm.
Crowds of people were not deterred by the weather conditions as they selected the perfect fir, spruce, or pine to serve as the centerpiece for their holiday.
Miller explains the type of Christmas trees grown at the farm, and which are the most popular.

Miller offers an explanation as to why selecting a real Christmas tree from a Christmas tree farm is so popular.

One family from Sioux City follows that tradition, as they have traveled more than 25 miles each year for the last 20 years to pick their favorite tree from the Christmas tree farm. Jerod and Heather Vedral claim it has become part of the holiday family tradition to select their Christmas tree from the T-and-S Christmas tree farm.

Miller says people select a real tree for the aroma, the traditions, and because many people believe it is more festive. As for the Vedral family, they say this year’s tree is different from those selected from previous years.

The Christmas tree farmer says one thing to consider is the tree always appears smaller in the field than when you have it in your home.

That is something the Vedral family knows from first-hand personal experience.

The T-S Christmas tree farm sells approximately 1100 trees each year, and they plant 2000 new trees each spring. Miller says it takes approximately six to seven years for a tree to grow to the desired height. In addition to having a variety of Christmas trees, the T-and-S Christmas tree farm also sells different sizes of wreaths, and they feature a gift shop.