Le Mars Conducting A Water Softener Survey


(Le Mars) — Le Mars residents were recently sent a soft water survey by city officials. Le Mars city administrator, Jason Vacura says the purpose for the survey is to find a way to reduce the amount of Chloride or salt in the city’s water after it is released from the waste water treatment plant and into the Floyd River. Vacura says the Iowa Department of Natural Resources is giving the city until November of 2023 to come up with a plan.

Vacura says the DNR is requesting a plan of action by the city, and the water softener survey is a part of that plan.

Vacura says the majority of homes in Le Mars does use a water softener since the city doesn’t soften the water coming into Le Mars homes.

The city administrator says when Le Mars constructed its waste water treatment plant, it had provisions, if ever needed, to add a city-wide softener system.

Vacura gave reassurance that the problem is not solely on the residents of Le Mars, but that our industries and businesses have also contributed to the high salt levels in our water. He says the city also wants to lean how much salt is in the Floyd River from sources up-stream of Le Mars. City officials have set a February 21st deadline for surveys to be returned to city hall.