Face Masks Will Be Required At Le Mars Community School


(Le Mars) — The Le Mars Community Board of Education held a special meeting last evening (Tuesday) to decide what option will be followed for the start of the new school year. School superintendent, Dr. Steve Webner presented his
recommendation to the school board for their consideration. By a 7 to 0 vote, the school board approved the recommendations as set forth by Dr. Webner. In that recommendation, Webner suggested to have face-to-face classes.

In addition, Superintendent Webner informed the board of education that masks or face coverings should be worn by every student, faculty member, and staff employee.

Webner gave facts and statistics to the school board to support his recommendations.

Webner backed up his requests for use of face masks by quoting the Centers for Disease Control.

As for why holding face-to-face classes as opposed to on-line courses, Webner says students learn more when they are in a classroom setting.

Webner and board directors said the situation is likely to change as the school year progresses, and everyone, including parents, administration, faculty, and students may need to be prepared and anticipate possible changes.
School officials have been in constant communication with local health officials as they prepare a plan for the “Return to Learn.”

(Image courtesy of Amy Anderson and Tracy Wingert.)