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Saturday News, August 1st


Body Pulled From Missouri River

(Sioux City) — Authorities have recovered the body of a man from the Missouri River in Sioux City. Police say a boater spotted the body floating in the river at about 1:30 p.m. Friday afternoon. Sioux City Fire and Rescue and the Dakota City, Nebraska Fire Department already had boats in the water doing a search for a man who jumped or fell off the Veteran’s Bridge Wednesday night. Sioux City Police Officer Andrew Dutler says the body recovered was of a black male, age from mid to late 20’s. He says the body was sent to the medical examiners
office for a positive identification.




Glenwood Police Investigate Shooting

(Glenwood, IA) — Glenwood Police are investigating a shooting which they say sent one minor victim to the hospital via life-flight. Two other minors were arrested on unrelated charges and another remains at large. The Iowa Division of Criminal says this is an ongoing investigation and no further information
will be released as the two individuals involved are minors.




COVID Drug Trial Underway At University Hospitals

(Iowa City, IA) — Testing is now underway on a potential coronavirus vaccine at the University of Iowa Hospitals and Clinics with a batch of volunteer patients who were given doses of the experimental drug Thursday.
Pharmaceutical giant Pfizer developed the drug and is testing it in Iowa City and about 120 other sites around the globe. The U-I-H-C team will need 250 volunteers and is seeking out people who work in jobs that place them at a higher risk for COVID-19, things like health care or food production.
Volunteers need to be generally healthy and between the ages of 18 and 85.




Pandemic Impact On Drug Abuse Not Yet Known

(Des Moines, IA) — The impact of the coronavirus on illegal drug use and treatment isn’t yet known. Office of Drug Control Policy and Prevention Director Dale Woolery says he has heard some talk of problems but nothing that’s been substantiated with data. His agency is looking at data and doing interviews to try and see what correlations there may or may not be between
the pandemic and substance abuse issues. Woolery says the drug abuse treatments have changed with the restrictions brought on by the pandemic. He says the treatment may work in some cases and may not in others, and that is yet to be determined.




Study Finds Nitrate Problems More Prevalent In Smaller Communities

(Undated) — A study of drinking water systems shows communities in Iowa and four other Midwestern states have legal but potentially worrying levels of nitrates. The Environmental Working Group found nitrate levels in Iowa, Illinois, Kansas, Nebraska, and Oklahoma are trending up. Report author Anne
Schechinger (SHECK-in-ger) says spikes can occur after heavy rains and she found nitrate problems are more frequent in smaller communities. She says those systems are more likely to be rural and they’re more likely to be ground-water systems. She says smaller systems are way less likely to have
nitrate removal treatment systems — and are closer to farm fields is also a factor.