Students Say “No To Drugs” Through Martial Arts Demonstration

(Le Mars) — More than 300 students of fourth, fifth and sixth grades from the Le Mars Community and Le Mars Gehlen Catholic schools were given a martial arts demonstration during a Friday afternoon assembly.  It was part of the Le Mars Optimist Club “Just say no” to drugs and alcohol campaign.  Each of the students received a free T-shirt depicting boxing gloves with the slogan “Just Say No – Knock Out Drugs and Alcohol”.  This year’s t-shirt was designed by Gehlen student Sydney Livermore.

Micheal White, owner of the White Tiger Martial Arts organization was the featured speaker.  White told the enthusiastic crowd of students to think “strong mind…strong body…and strong spirit, all with the underlying message that a student must be self-disciplined to stay away from drugs and alcohol.

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White says he entered martial arts after being beaten up by bullies at school.

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The students witnessed White, and three of his colleagues, use martial arts to break through wooden boards, and concrete blocks.  White demonstrated the use of focus, concentration, and balance when he stood on top of two dozen eggs without breaking them, while demonstrating other martial arts moves.