Chris Christie Campaigns In Le Mars

(Le Mars) — Two republican presidential candidates campaigned in northwest Iowa over the weekend.  Florida Senator Marco Rubio held a rally in Sioux Center on the Dordt College campus Saturday evening, and New Jersey governor, Chris Christie was at the Blue Bunny Ice Cream parlor in Le Mars on Sunday afternoon.  Christie spoke to a gathering of about 150 people that filled the upstairs meeting room.  Christie spoke of his past experience, and reminded the gathering that the United States can no longer afford to elect a president that needs to have “on the job training.”

Christie reminded the group that he is the only presidential candidate with experience dealing with terrorists attacks.  Christie informed the gathering that this nation needs to have someone who is unaffraid to make decisions, and someone that is accountable.  Christie says he knows how to fight, and he knows how to get policy passed when dealing with a Democratic legislature.

Christie was asked by a member of the audience if businessman Donald Trump is really qualified to run the country?  Christie responded by saying “business experience can only take you so far”. The New Jersey governor says Donald Trump knows how to fire people when they don’t agree with him, but “you can’t fire the speaker of the house when he votes against you”.  Christie says history has shown the most effective presidents are not those with legislative experience, but rather those with executive experience as a governor.  “Whether it was Ronald Reagan from the Republicans, or Franklin Roosevelt from the Democrats, governors have done a much better job of running the white house”.

Christie was asked a question from a 14 year old about what he would do as president to help those who suffer from autism?  Other questions from the crowd focused on college debt, abortion and right-to-life, appointments to the courts, entitlement reform, and education, specifically the “Common Core”?