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Saturday Afternoon News, October 31st


Grassley Says Don’t Expect A Second COVID-19 Relief Payment Anytime Soon

(Le Mars) — Many people are wondering whether or not there will be a second COVID-19 financial relief assistance bill that will be issued. While attending a political rally for Senator Joni Ernst in Le Mars on Friday, Republican U-S Senator Chuck Grassley spoke with KLEM news about the prospects of a second relief package.

This past week the Department of Interior made a special announcement from Camp Dodge near Des Moines that will benefit veteran families. Grassley attended the event and explains the Department of Interior has approved free
admission to national parks and monuments to veterans and gold star families.

Grassley was traveling with Iowa’s other U-S Republican Senator, Joni Ernst and tells why he is supporting Ernst for re-election.

Grassley explains that several of the messages viewed on television from Democratic challenger Theresa Greenfield and other Democratic-based organizations are simply lies.

Grassley was asked if whether or not he thinks Iowans are believing the television Democratic messages?




Ernst Defends Having Texas Senator Cruz Along With The Campaign

(Le Mars) — Texas Republican Senator Ted Cruz was traveling with Iowa Senator Joni Ernst on Friday helping with her campaign. Some Iowans were surprised and even disappointed to see Cruz on the campaign trail with Ernst.
Many Iowans remember it was Senator Cruz who had held up the confirmation of Bill Northey, Iowa’s former Secretary of Agriculture. Cruz delayed the confirmation of Northey of becoming U-S-D-A’s Under Secretary for several months. It was also Senator Cruz who opposed the Renewable Fuels Standard,
which allows up to 15 billion gallons of ethanol, primarily corn-based ethanol, to be blended with gasoline. Cruz wanted to allow petroleum refineries to be given waivers from blending ethanol into gasoline. Iowa Senator Joni Ernst was asked by media representatives why she asked Texas Senator Ted Cruz to join her re-election campaign, knowing that Senator Cruz was not popular with Iowa farmers? Ernst was asked if she worries about the possible negative feedback from having Cruz with her on the campaign?

The latest polling survey shows Democratic challenger Theresa Greenfield with a slight lead over Senator Joni Ernst heading into election day, however, Ernst says her opponent has not visited more than half the state, while Ernst says she has visited each of Iowa’s 99 counties. She says Iowans realize that Greenfield has accepted a majority of her campaign donations from out of

Since Theresa Greenfield has not yet made an appearance in Le Mars, or Plymouth County, and knowing the citizens of this county, and of northwest Iowa, would like to hear directly from the candidate, KLEM news has extended an invitation to Democratic challenger Theresa Greenfield for an interview, but, so far, her campaign staff has not accepted
our invitation.




Weather Officials Are Predicting A La Nina Effect Will Mean A Colder Winter

(Des Moines) — The latest predictions show a La Nina weather system has developed in the Pacific Ocean and it’s expected to linger into spring — which may bring Iowa a colder winter and could influence the state’s weather well into 2021. Matt Rosencrans, a meteorologist at the Climate Prediction Center, says they plan to update the forecast monthly.

A La Nina system occurs when sea surface temperatures average below-normal.
Historically, La Ninas have caused below-normal temperatures across much of the Northern Plains states during the winter. Rosencrans says the center’s predictions are largely based on past observations.

Rosencrans says they are confident of the impacts at least through February, while beyond that, there’s still some uncertainty.