Selling Lemonade In The Cool Shade


(Le Mars) — The Ritz Chiropractic digital sign indicated the outdoor temperature Monday afternoon was 96 degrees when two young boys were spotted in front of their father’s business office along Plymouth Street S.W. selling lemonade and Popsicles at a lemonade stand. The sign in front of
their stand read: Lemonade or Popsicles – 50 cents. The boys, nine-year old Landon Ritz, and his seven-year old brother Easton Ritz, were selling the cool refreshments to customers of all ages, and to anyone who would stop by and make a purchase. Landon Ritz explains why the two boys decided to go into business
selling lemonade.

The stand consisted of a small table with two child-size chairs and an ice chest cooler, two lemonade dispensers, along with a white board sign advertising their price, and a patio umbrella to protect both the boys and their product from the intense afternoon heat and direct sunlight. The boys indicated business had been brisk Monday afternoon during the heat wave.

Easton says they offered their customers a choice between two types of lemonade.

As for the Popsicles, Easton says they offered a wide variety of
flavors and colors of Popsicles, but one flavor stood out above the rest.

The two lemonade entrepreneurs have a specific item in mind that they want to purchase with the money raised from selling lemonade.

Tuesday’s weather is expected to be another hot day with sunny skies and temperatures again in the 90’s. So, does that mean the Ritz brothers will be back Tuesday afternoon with their lemonade stand selling lemonade and Popsicles?

Both boys indicated how much volume of lemonade they had sold by pointing to the respective lemonade dispensers showing the level at the start of their sales.