Nicoson Says Good-Bye To Life Skills Training Center


Mark and Julie Thiessen of Le Mars presented Rose Nicoson, (left) executive director of Life Skills Training Center, with a bouquet of flowers and a gift, after she announced Monday evening that she would be leaving Life Skills Training Center. 

(Le Mars) — Life Skills Training Center held its annual meeting and awards banquet Monday evening. Executive Director, Rose Nicoson surprised the clients, and the gathering, by announcing her immediate retirement from Life Skills. For the past 37 years, Nicoson has been a part of Life Skills, first as its financial officer, and later, as its Executive Director following Don Nore. Nicoson says Life Skills, and other similar mentally handicapped sheltered workshop facilities will face an unique challenge in the year ahead.

The Life Skills Training Center executive says the state human services department devised the new proposed program as a way to integrate clients into their community.

Mark Theissen, with long-time associations with Life Skills Training Center as a parent of a client, past board director, and volunteer spoke after Nicoson’s farewell address.  On behalf of Life Skills Training Center Theissen thanked Nicoson for her long tenure, devotion and passion with Life Skills.

Nicoson says she supports the idea, but she also has some concerns about the new plan for mentally challenged individuals.

Nicoson receives a hug from Julie Theissen.

Unfortunately, Nicoson, like many others, contracted the COVID-19 virus. She says although she is recovering from the virus, it took its toll on her health, and she says full recovery is still a ways into the future.

Jaquan Nelson was presented the Client Achievement Award, while Tim Hop was given the honor of Staff Team Player award.