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Friday Afternoon News, February 11th


Iowa State University Extension And Outreach To Offer Manure Certification Meeting

(Le Mars) — Iowa State University Extension and Outreach will host a manure confinement management certification meeting scheduled for Friday, February 18th to be held at the Le Mars Convention Center.  The meeting is scheduled to begin at 9:30 a.m.  Dave Stender, Iowa State University Extension and Outreach Swine Specialist for northwest Iowa says Iowa law requires confinement site manure applicators to attend two hours of continuing education each year, of their three-year certification period, or take and pass the exam once every three years.

Stender says the workshop serves as initial certification for those applicators that are not currently certified, re-certification for those renewing licenses, and as a continuing education for those applicators in their second or third year of their license.  Operators must be certified to handle, transport, and apply manure if the confinement livestock operation has more than 500-animal unit capacity unless the manure is applied by a commercial manure applicator.  Following the morning certification meeting, Stender and Kris Kohl, an Iowa State University Extension and Outreach Ag and Bio-systems engineer, will hold a luncheon workshop answering questions producers may have regarding determining the value of manure.

In addition to assisting producers with determining the value of manure, Stender says he and Kohl will address several other topics that are of concern among livestock producers.

Pre-registration is required for the manure management certification seminar.  To register, or to inquire about additional information, contact the Plymouth County Extension and Outreach Services at (712) 546-7835.




Ethics Complaint Against Iowa State Senator Dismissed

(Des Moines, IA) – The Iowa Senate Ethics Committee has unanimously dismissed a complaint alleging a state senator pressured officials to approve a permit for his son-in-law’s cattle feedlot. The Department of Natural Resources approved the application to feed up to eleven-thousand-600 cattle in a lot near Marquette in northeast Iowa. The complaint against Republican Senator Dan Zumbach (ZUM-bah) of Ryan was filed by the Committee to Save Bloody Run Creek. The group said Zumbach spoke with D-N-R staff at least twice about the project. Zumbach said his advocacy on his son-in-law’s behalf was the same as it’s been for any constituent trying to navigate the regulatory process.




House Subcommittee Hears Testimony Against Mask Mandates

(Des Moines, IA) — Critics of masking and COVID vaccine mandates testified at a subcommittee hearing at the Iowa Capitol that was livestreamed for three hours, then extended into the nighttime hours. Jason Crawford of Ames told legislators that after the Supreme Court overturned the federal vaccine requirement for large companies, his employer still required workers to be vaccinated before they could return to the office. Crawford told legislators he was fired Monday for being unproductive to the company’s culture. A bill which would prevent employers from asking if their employees are vaccinated is tentatively scheduled for debate in the House State Government Committee next Wednesday. The legislation also forbids businesses, educational institutions, and government agencies from requiring face coverings.




Economic Official Charged with Theft

(Creston, IA) — The long-time leader of a multi-county economic development organization in southern Iowa has been arrested and charged with theft. State Auditor Rob Sand says his office has opened an investigation of the Southern Iowa Council of Governments after 70-year-old Timothy Ostroski (oh-STRAH-skee) was arrested by Creston Police and charged with first-degree theft and four counts of forgery. Ostroski has been executive director of the regional council since 1984. He’s also the executive director of the Housing Trust Fund, a charitable foundation connected to the Southern Iowa Council of Governments. The state auditor says his office is helping to secure the agency’s records. The Creston News Advertiser reports Ostroski is accused of writing four checks worth more than 10-thousand dollars on the agency’s account for personal gain.




Tiger at Blank Park Zoo Picks Rams to Win Super Bowl LVI

(Des Moines, IA) – You’d think big cats would stick together, but that’s not the case at Des Moines’ Blank Park Zoo. Misha the Amur tiger is not picking the Cincinnati Bengals to win Sunday’s Super Bowl — she instead went with the Los Angeles Rams. The zoo reports that Misha was given a choice of two treats at her enclosure yesterday, one representing the Bengals and the other the Rams, but after a few minutes she ate the Rams’ treat. She also correctly picked the Denver Broncos to beat the Carolina Panthers in Super Bowl 50. Various animals at Blank Park Zoo have correctly picked eight of the last eleven Super Bowl winners.