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Thursday News, March 10th


Plymouth County Board Of Supervisors Discuss Elk Avenue’s Future

(Le Mars) — Rural Plymouth County residents that utilize Elk Avenue appeared before the Plymouth County Board of Supervisors on Tuesday to discuss the road’s future.  The county governing board has indicated an interest to vacate the stretch of roadway, mainly due to a deteriorating bridge that would be too costly to replace.  Dolf Ivener along with Brad and Chad Banks spoke in favor of keeping the road open, or at least discuss other possible options that would benefit everyone.  Elk Avenue is already been designated as a minimum maintenance roadway.  Ivener was the first to address the issue.

Plymouth County engineer Tom Rohe was asked by the supervisors for his assessment of the road, and the various options available for the deteriorating bridge.

Rohe says there Is the option of inserting a flat rail car as a bridge crossing.

Supervisor Craig Anderson admits driving on Elk Avenue and across the bridge, and acknowledges the bridge is weak.  Brad Banks also spoke to the supervisors about keeping the road open, or converting it to a private road.

Banks, a cow-calf producer and former state legislator, says that he and his son use the road to get to their property.

Anderson asked for Bank’s opinion about installing a railroad flat car as a bridge, and turning the road into a private road?

The stretch of road in question lies south of Westfield and is between Echo Road and County Road C-43 located within Sioux township. No action or decision was made during the County Supervisor meeting.




Ernst And Grassley Calls For More Renewable Fuels To Help Lower Gasoline And Diesel Prices

(Washington) –On Wednesday morning, Republican U-S Senators Chuck Grassley and Joni Ernst both from Iowa, held a joint news conference in which they are asking the Biden Administration, along with their Democratic colleagues, to approve using bio-fuels made from corn and soybeans to help bring down the rapidly rising price of gasoline and diesel fuel.  President Biden on Tuesday has announced the United States would no longer accept petroleum oil from Russia, as a result of the invasion into the Ukraine.  Senator Joni Ernst says Biden refuses to look at home-grown energy sources.

Senator Chuck Grassley echoed many of Ernst’s sentiments, and says prior to the Biden Administration, the United States was independent upon our energy needs, now we are again dependent on foreign oil.

The two senators were asked what would be needed to change the minds of their Democratic colleagues to accept Midwest energy, as opposed to Mideast energy?

The Iowa U-S senators claim that if ethanol production would be allowed to be ramped up, then gasoline prices would drop.  Both Grassley and Ernst are pushing for E-15 ethanol blended fuel to be available the entire year long.




Reynolds Announces Her Re-election For Governor Campaign

(Des Moines) — Iowa Governor Kim Reynolds made it official Wednesday evening.  At a gathering held at the Iowa State Fairgrounds in Des Moines, Reynolds kicked off her campaign for re-election to be the Republican candidate seeking the position of Governor.  Reynolds first became governor when the former governor Terry Branstad left the post to become ambassador of China during the Trump Administration.  Reynolds won the seat four years ago.  Reynolds promoted her achievements during her campaign speech last evening.  Deidre DeJear, is the Democratic Party’s leading gubernatorial candidate for governor.

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Bill Would Legalize Raw Dairy Product Sales

(Des Moines, IA) — Raw milk and other products like cheese, yogurt and ice cream made with unpasteurized milk could be sold at the dairy where it’s processed under a bill that’s passed the Iowa Senate. It still would be illegal to sell unpasteurized milk at restaurants and farmers markets if the bill becomes law. Senator Tony Bisignano (biz-ihg-NAH-noh), a Democrat from Des Moines, says the bill makes something legal that’s going on already. Raw milk enthusiasts say milk that hasn’t been pasteurized has more nutrients and tastes better, while critics say it contains dangerous bacteria. The Iowa Farm Bureau, the state’s dairy industry, and Iowa grocers oppose the bill.




Iowa Senate Votes to Adjust Confirmation Process

(Des Moines, IA) — Two Democrats joined all the Republicans in the Iowa Senate on a vote to end the senate’s confirmation process for the governor’s appointments to more than two dozen state boards and commissions. The governor’s nominees for nearly 140 boards, commissions and councils must now get two-thirds of senators to vote for them to serve. Republican Senator Roby (ROB-ee, like “Robbie”) Smith of Davenport says if 26 senators sign a petition, any of the nominees to the boards on this new list would be subject to the confirmation process and the required 34 votes. Democrat Senator Janet Petersen, from Des Moines, says this gets rid of automatic checks and balances for important state boards.




Franken Running for US Senate, Mathis for 2nd Congressional Seat

(Des Moines, IA) — Retired Admiral Mike Franken filed more than 64-hundred signatures on nominating petitions in his bid for the Iowa Democratic Party’s U-S Senate nomination.

Former Congresswoman Abby Finkenauer of Cedar Rapids, Glenn Hurst of Minden, and Bob Krause of Burlington have also said they’re running for a chance to challenge Republican Chuck Grassley’s bid for an eighth term in the U-S Senate. Democratic State Senator Liz Mathis of Cedar Rapids has submitted nominating petitions to run in Iowa’s new second congressional district. Mathis will be challenging Republican Congresswoman Ashley Hinson of Marion.




Dozens Of Shots Fired In Front Of Des Moines East High School Monday

(Des Moines, IA)  —  New details are coming out about the fatal drive-by shooting in front of Des Moines East High School Monday.  Police say they have recovered nearly three dozen shell casings from the scene and the suspect vehicles.  Residential camera video footage shows a group of students in front of the school when three vehicles pass.  The same vehicles circled to pass again and the video shows shots being fired.  Fifteen-year-old Jose Lopez was killed, an 18-year-old student is listed in critical condition, and a 16-year-old girl is in serious condition.  Six suspects between the ages of 14 and 17 are charged with first-degree murder.




Teenager Arrested, Charged With Arsons

(Maxwell, IA)  —  The Story County Sheriff’s Department has charged a 17-year-old with setting fires at the Casey’s in Maxwell and in a bus at Collins-Maxwell High School. The Casey’s fires were set on February 3rd and 6th, and the bus fire on March 9th.  The teen is charged with first-degree arson, two counts of second-degree arson, and two counts of first-degree criminal mischief. The school bus was a total loss as was the Casey’s building, which the company says will not reopen.




Davenport Woman Arrested for Shooting Man in Hospital ER Lobby

(Davenport, IA) — A 21-year-old Davenport woman has been arrested for allegedly shooting a man in the lobby of a hospital emergency room during an argument. The fight between the two was reported to police at 12:47 A-M Wednesday. G’Sani Natic Bogan is charged with two felonies and one misdemeanor, including willful injury causing bodily injury. Witnesses tell police they saw Bogan and 19-year-old Fasheed Rush fighting in the lobby of the Genesis West Hospital emergency room. They say Bogan fired two shots. Rush was hit in the leg.