Dennis Morrice Says Goodbye After Over 10 Years as the KLEM News Director


(Le Mars) After over a decade of being the news man for KLEM radio, Dennis Morrice is moving to a new chapter in his career. His colleagues here at KLEM will miss his his smile, unique way and his stories…on the air and off.
Dennis started here after wearing many hats in the media world, and it became obvious very quickly that local news coverage would be a great avenue for him to shine.  With a passion for all things agriculture as well as an emphasis on local politics and emergency services coverage, Dennis was never shy about finding his way to the source of the story. I had the chance to sit down with two of those local sources, who also consider him a colleague and friend.

As the extension field agronomist for NW Iowa, Joel DeJong has known Dennis for a long time. Their paths had crossed when Dennis was in previous jobs and DeJong says Dennis’ passion for agriculture stems from being a 4-H kid. That passion for the agricultural community is what DeJong appreciates about him most.

DeJong said one of his favorite Dennis Morrice memories was when Dennis burst into a private invite room at an Iowa State football game during a rain delay, right past the security guards, to find out what was going to happen with the rest of the game.  DeJong said that’s a perfect demonstration of his bulldog mentality for news coverage.  He said when there’s a story, Dennis will go after it.

Le Mars Fire Chief Dave Schipper says it didn’t take long for Dennis to become “one of the guys” at the firehouse after he started at KLEM.

Schipper says Dennis had a bit of a 6th sense when it came to knowing that something was going down.

One story he did share involved Dennis driving Schipper’s daughters wedding guests from the reception to the hotel and a practical joke devised by some of the firefighters to get Dennis a little riled up.  Schipper says this is the kind stuff the guys only do to people they care about.


Here, here! Thank you, Dennis, for your ten and a half years of “going to the source” as the KLEM News Director. We wish you all the best.