Citizens Academy Goes to the Weapons Range


The second session of the Citizens Academy Thursday focused on the use of firearms and deadly force. Plymouth County Sheriff Jeff Te Brink says the students went to the law enforcement shooting range to use several weapons.

Law enforcement officers explained the standards necessary to be certified to use such weapons.

But shooting proficiency is only a part of training in the use of lethal force.

Some of this training is done at a shooting range, some is done on a simulator

Officers rarely use their weapons in the line of duty, but Sheriff Te Brink says weapon proficiency is still important.

The Academy students also learned about the CERT team, made up of officers from several agencies in the area, and the methods and tactics they use when they are called to the scene of an unfolding situation.

This is the fourth year of Citizens Academy, a one-month program intended to survey multiple dimensions of law enforcement.

Here, officers demonstrate a weapons training exercise.

Citizens Academy students fired weapons used by law enforcement officers.